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How to Improve the Happiness of Visitors to the Park? Introducing Face Recognition Machine

May. 27, 2019

The peak season for tourism is coming, are you ready? Ticket verification is the first step in entering the park. Whether verify tickets efficiently will greatly affect the impression of visitors on the Amusement Park. Let plan to introduce the face recognition ticket solution to enhance the pleasure of entering the park.

How to Improve the Pleasure of Visitors to the Park? Introducing Face Recognition Machine

At present, the park is mainly based on the sale of paper tickets, followed by the two-dimensional code electronic tickets. In order to ensure the safety of all the visitors, in addition to electronic tickets, the park also needs an ID card and passport for verification. The current method of ticket purchase and ticket checking is not conducive to the pleasure of visitors, because it takes unwilling time to wait for admission. Using manual ticket checking, the park staff is under pressure and inefficiency.

Therefore, Telpo proposes a solution for the ticket verification of the face recognition terminal + electronic two-dimensional code e-tickets. Park operators can launch electronic tickets for the Wind Park on the official website and travel app. Visitors can buy tickets on the internet. When purchasing tickets online, visitors are required to submit personally identifiable information or face information.

 How to Improve the Pleasure of Visitors to the Park? Introducing Face Recognition Machine

 Visitors can purchase tickets online.

When visitors arrive at the park, they can check the e-tickets, and swipe the ID card to enter the park. If the visitors forget to bring their ID card, they can also scan their face to pass the authentication. The average face verification speed is within 2 seconds, achieving fast and accurate ticket verification.

Telpo face recognition machine TPS980 is equipped with an industrial-grade motherboard and a face recognition binocular camera for fast face recognition ticket checking. At the same time, the camera can also perform QR code recognition.


How to Improve the Pleasure of Visitors to the Park? Introducing Face Recognition Machine

Telpo TPS980 can be used to park ticket verification.


The solution for park ticket verification combines face recognition and e-ticket. It speeds up the park's identity verification efficiency and reduces the waste of time in the queue. Face recognition verifies tickets to ensure the safety of visitors and improve the management level of the park.


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