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How To Revive Tourism At A Safe and Science Way?

Jul. 23, 2020

In recent days, many countries have introduced policies to ease travel restrictions in an effort to revive the tourism industry, which has suffered heavy losses under the outbreak. The European Commission has issued guidelines for a phased resumption of domestic travel. Countries such as Georgia and Tanzania are planning to reopen to foreign tourists from July.

How To Revive Tourism At A Safe and Science Way?cid=96        

China, as the most effective country to prevent and control the epidemic, reopened thousands of national scenic spots to the public as early as March. According to the comprehensive calculation by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, China received a total of 115 million domestic tourists during the May Day holiday, realizing domestic tourism revenue of 47.56 billion yuan.


There is no doubt that China's revive tourism industry has boosted the confidence of the world's tourism industry. China's measures to revive tourism also have some reference significance.

On May Day holiday, face recognition gates and code scanning gates were installed in several scenic spots in China. Adopting contactless code scanning recognition and face recognition to verify tickets is conductive to reduce cross-infection risk caused by human contact and improve ticket verification efficiency.


Visitors should book tickets in advance, and the face recognition gate will count the number of tourists in real-time to effectively control people's flow. Once the number of tourists exceeds restriction range, the device will send out voice reminder to regulate the park's entry restriction measures and improve tourists’ a sense of security.

How To Revive Tourism At A Safe and Science Way?cid=96

Impacted by the epidemic, automatic temperature measuring is added to the face recognition gate, in an effort to ensure normal physical condition of tourists. Telpo face recognition temperature measuring gate TPS980T can realize simultaneous temperature detection, face recognition, voice broadcast, mask recognition, NFC recognition, and other functions. Once tourists pass temperature checking and identity verification, the gate will automatically open. It can satisfy face recognition access control, NFC card access control and other diversified access control functions.


In virtues of contactless face recognition temperature measuring gate and smart code scanning terminal, the scenic spot can effectively check the health status of tourists. T contactless ticket verification in scenic spots can also reduce personnel contact and speed up ticket verification efficiency, which is safer and faster than paper ticket verification and can reduce tourists' queuing.

How To Revive Tourism At A Safe and Science Way?cid=96

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