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How to Create Smart Vegetable Market In Virtue Of Smart Terminal?

Jul. 21, 2020

The vegetable market where epidemic outbreak, not only raised people’s attention to its hygienic problem but also accelerate its digital upgrade process. Eleme, a subsidiary of Alibaba, recently released six standards for the smart vegetable market, aiming to improve dirty and messy situations at the traditional vegetable market in a digital way. Better solve agricultural products sales chaos conditions and provide consumers with a more convenient and safe experience.


smart vegetable market Smart Terminal


What should the smart vegetable market look like under epidemic normalized? It should install a touch-free temperature measuring terminal at least at the entrance. When merchants, customers, and relevant personnel enter, their body temperature and mask-wearing condition will be detected smartly. Relevant information will be automatically uploaded to the management platform, which will help real-time monitoring and greatly reduce the smart vegetable market staff epidemic prevention burden.

smart vegetable market Smart Terminal

Smart Vegetable Market Temperature Measuring Terminal TPS980T PRO

Importantly, Telpo multi-person temperature measuring terminal TPS980T Pro can also support detecting 3-4 people temperature at the same time. Once the abnormal temperature is detected, it will send an email alert to the relevant administrator mailbox and do well in post-tracking work.


Talking to the smart measure of the smart vegetable market, the smart E- Scale should not be left. Just like Telpo smart E- Scale TPS655, which adopts a 15.6-inch main screen + 11.6-inch second screen, and integrates check-out, weigh and receipt printing functions. It is convenient for merchants to update commodities and prices in real-time, and easy to master booth.

 smart vegetable market Smart Terminal device

Smart Vegetable Market e-Scale Terminal TPS655

The second screen will synchronously display commodity information, including name, weight, price, etc., further protect consumers' rights and interests. In addition, it can support the face payment method. And the customer can obtain receipt immediately after payment success, which improves check-out efficiency and convenience to check purchased items at any time and keep the receipt.


Furthermore, Telpo could provide higher configuration AI vision recognition cash register TPS657. With a 15.6-inch HD touch screen and 95°wide-angle AI visual recognition technology, it can quickly identify food and check-out. QR Code payment and face payment enable customers to enjoy superior contactless payment experience and achieve smart vegetable market diversified technology.

How smart vegetable market Smart Terminal device

 Smart Vegetable Market AI cash register terminal TPS657

The online and offline combinations as well as membership management also embody smart food market digital upgrade. Customers can automatically become members after the first purchase. Merchants can provide additional services like member points to increase user viscosity. Such marketing method can be achieved by a simple Telpo mobile payment handheld device TPS320. 

Customers can place orders on their mobile phones in advance. The machine will receive the order in real-time and deliver corresponding packaging to the deliveryman, which satisfies 30-minute delivery system requirements. In addition, it can upload cashier data to Telpo Cloud platform, which will accurately analyze customer flow and assist merchants to roll out marketing strategies. In this way, member registration, member push, promotional activities, inventory management, and other effects can be achieved, greatly improve management efficiency.


If the smart vegetable market hopes to provide better public services, it could add self-service inquire kiosk. Customers can better learn smart vegetable market overall operation, vegetable price, business information, agricultural residue testing information and on. More conveniently, they can scan paper receipts at the scanning window to obtain commodities relevant information. Transparent operation is conducive to enhance customer trust.

smart vegetable market Smart Terminal inquire kiosk

Smart Vegetable Market Self-service terminal TPS781

A standard smart vegetable market cannot go far with the necessary smart terminal. Telpo can all in one provide relevant smart terminal and platform management services, using big data to assist the smart vegetable market to achieve digitalization and visualization.


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Live Show about the Smart POS and Cash Register

Live Show about the Smart POS and Cash Register

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