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How Touch Screen POS Elevate School Canteen Smart Upgrade?

Jul. 08, 2021

It is a worldwide consensus to save food. As a place where teaching and education, school is undoubted should earnestly practice that advocate. Being in the high-tech era, advanced touch screen POS and platform have the capacity to elevate and upgrade school canteen, so as to make it smarter and more food-save.   

How Touch Screen POS Elevate School Canteen Smart Upgrade?

Take the Southern Medical University canteen as an example. Introducing the touch POS machine and AI food recognition machine not only help it achieve canteen smart upgrading (tap to order, face payment, food recognition), improve check-out efficiency, reduce canteen queuing time, but also make it available to reduce food waste.


It was reported that there are 180,000 students which easily cause canteen congestion at the dining peak time. In virtue of the touch POS, students can directly link their payment account, self-pick their preferred dishes. Once they put the food plate at the AI food recognition machine, it will automatically recognize and weight, making students clearly know how much they should pay.     


With the mission of creating a colorful future, Telpo also launched a smart school touch screen and AI food recognition machine to assist more school upgrade their canteen as soon as possible.

In virtue of a 15.6-inch HD touch screen and 95°wide-angle AI visual recognition technology, students can clearly and quickly know dish information and price and then self-checkout through the AI food recognition machine. With the platform data, schools can scientifically analyze diner numbers and dining habits, and then timely adjust dishes, precise serve meals and reduce food waste. 

Besides, the touch POS with relatively smart school canteen solution is good to connect online and offline management. Students can make a self-service tap to order and self-checkout on the display of the touch screen, and they can choose contactless payment methods to include QR code payment, face payment and swipe their student card. As their information can be customized link to their phone, they can receive digital dish information and meal reports, and enjoy pre-order online and other services. 

How Touch Screen POS Elevate School Canteen Smart Upgrade? 

Comparing with the traditional cash register, the advantage of AI food recognition machine and touch POS machine lie in they provide students more self-decision rights and contactless environment. Students can enjoy self-help services and choose the appropriate food quantities based on their actual demand and reduce food waste. Moreover, it is conducive to elevating school canteen operation and smart upgrading and saving the card-making cost and labor cost. 


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