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Intelligent Terminal Can Help Smart Restaurant Save Cost

Nov. 13, 2019

Spyce, an America restaurant successfully cut a $12 counter meal to $7.50 with the intelligent terminal.


The restaurant was founded by a group of young people who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to save money on meals. They have developed automated equipment that can cut, fry and wash dishes, greatly reducing labor and time.


Customers can order their meals through the self-service ordering terminal. The cooking robot will put the prepared food into the automatic frying pan, cooking time and temperature will be controlled through the sensor. Finally, the human waiter will set the plate. It is said that the whole process from ordering to getting the dishes takes less than 3 minutes.

Besides adopting the standardized cooking process, this restaurant also focuses on the human experience. It hired Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulu to design the menu, including Latin, Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. Spyce also specially arranged two employees to hear customers’ opinions and get their feedback.

Intelligent Terminal Can Help Smart Restaurant Save Cost


Smart restaurants have various forms. Some smart restaurants pay attention to kitchen upgrades like installing automatic cooking equipment. Some smart restaurants focus more on the ordering process, they will place a cash register, self-ordering kiosk, and face payment machine.


Just like Telpo self-ordering machine TPS700. It equipped with 21.5 inches FHD touch screen, supporting NFC payment, two-dimensional code payment, face payment, and thermal printing receipts and so on.



Someone feels that the food cooked by machine fail to compare with human cooking, while others believe that the self-ordering machine lacks communication with the shop assistants. Scenarios and user experience should be taken as important factors while considering upgrade the catering besides labor and cost. Only in this way can a smart restaurant become more popular with customers.


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