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KFC Apply 'Smile to Pay' Facial Recognition Payment System in China

Sep. 18, 2018

When you visit Hangzhou, China and go to a KFC restaurant, you will find not many people queuing at the cashier, but in front of a self-ordering terminal. They order food by themselves and PAY with their FACE!


In September 2017, Ant Financial launched this new service in KFC in the eastern city of Hangzhou, making it the first physical store in the world to use facial recognition for payment. You dont need taking cash, bank cards or even their smartphones when you are hungry outside!



Consumers place their order at a terminal, which scans their face. If it matches the image on the photo ID stored in the system, the payment is done. The system is based on Ant Financial's digital payment platform Alipay, which has more than half a billion users worldwide and already allows people to sign into its Chinese app using their face.


Face recognition technology is so intelligent and convenience, easing peoples life in various corners. For example, Baidu tested facial recognition software to manage tourist admissions in Wuzhen since last year. Now you can even smile to pay with the face at a self-service billing in supermarkets.


As one of the leading biometric payment terminal manufacturers, we Telpo also launched our new star TPS700 to the market, meeting the quality and security standard of facial recognition technology, equipped with face recognition camera and an infrared sensor.



Moreover, it has a built-in QR code scanner, which can quickly and accurately scan the QR code of the mobile phone and realize mobile payment, such as WeChat Pay and Alipay, as well as a High-speed thermal printer to receipts.

Work with us! And you will be the next face recognition payment system, expert. 

Telpo: We have provided custom service for more than 1000 customers abroad. They are the platform operators, banks, lottery operators, technology companies and even governments organizations. Telpo devotes itself to international rating class banks, restaurants, retails, tourist halls, hotels, ticket offices and many other customizations for different industries. 


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