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L'Oreal & Suning | Jointly Develop Smart Retail

Jul. 16, 2019

It is reported that the new CEO of L'Oreal (China), Fabrice Megarbane, recently visited the headquarters of Suning in Nanjing with his senior management team. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation on full-scene smart retail and other aspects, and hope to launch a successful case of full-scene smart retail in 2019.



In the second half of the year, Suning online supermarket will carry out in-depth cooperation with L'Oreal in its store promotion day on 8th Aug, the anniversary of its supermarket and Suning price-off online promotion shopping festival on 11th Nov to explore the industry benchmark cases of full-scene smart retail cooperation. 

L'Oreal, on the other hand, hopes to deepen cooperation with Suning in its small store, boutique supermarket, and hypermarket in the future, reshaping the relationship between people, commodity and market, and find the methodology of cooperation on the basis of big data. In terms of department stores, L'Oreal also hopes to carry out universe retail experiments through member cooperation and festival marketing.


 L'Oreal reaches cooperation with Suning on full-scene smart retail.

L'Oreal related official has previously thought the new retail concept is "very interesting". In his view, online and offline shopping is no longer a conflict, but a consumer-oriented connection. In a certain brand promotion activity, it is bold to use VR technology to show the charm of products for consumers, and it also created the new technological experience such as beauty vending machine and AR magic mirror for its customers.


 L'Oréal used the augmented reality to revolutionize the beauty experience.

Telpo smart dual-screen cash register TPS650 is equipped with the industrial-grade motherboard and high-performance CPU to assist the further development of new retail models of L'Oreal and Suning. The TPS650 changes the cumbersome and tedious appearance of the traditional cash register and brings customers a new visual experience with its simple and convenient style. The smooth and fast operation helps to improve the working efficiency of stores like L'Oreal and Suning store and reduce customers' queuing and checkout time, improving their consumer experience.


Telpo TPS650 has high-performance CPU to assist the further development of new retail models.

Facing the hot-selling products, Telpo intelligent cash register TPS650 can also conduct smart inventory control. Merchants can obtain consumer demand and changes through the sales volume of popular products, which also help them to make the supply and demand matching of products. By virtue of system data, merchants can better utilize digitization to contact consumers of all different characteristics and provide a seamless online and offline consumption service to them.


As a full-scene smart retailer, Suning has unique advantages in full-channel expansion, online and offline linkage, and improvement of the consumption experience. Its in-deep cooperation with L'Oreal is bound to further promote new retail development.


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