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Popular Costco Member Service Should Upgrades Smart Cashier Machine

Sep. 30, 2019

The international retail brand Costco Supermarket closed its first store in China in advanced because of the huge opening-day crowds. Costco's opening in China suddenly became worldwide news, and it also caused Costco's share price to soar. Many people ask what the secret of Costco's success is.

 Popular Costco Member Service Should Upgrades Smart Cashier Machine

Many people are analyzing its hot reasons for low price + membership program. Luxury goods and other everyday items are 20%-50% cheaper than the average market because they mainly collect membership fees to make a profit. According to the data released by Costco Supermarket, the Shanghai store has sold 160,000 copies of the membership card of 299 yuan a year and has been credited with 48 million in just two days.


However, the feasibility of this new retail model can be seen from Costco’news, but some problems are also seen.

1. There is not enough pre-emptive flow forecasting and preventive measures to prepare

On the first day of the opening, there was no pre-emptive response to passenger flow. If the 160,000 members arrive at the store on the same day, how to effectively channel the passenger flow and quickly complete the settlement of the cashier, they should make the corresponding passenger flow forecast and treatment plan.

Popular Costco Member Service Should Upgrades Smart Cashier Machine

2. Fewer settlement methods and slower checkout

According to the observation afterward, the 22 checkout counters were all open, but they still had long queues. Some consumers said that it would take another two hours to queue up for cashier checkout. Many customers who use WeChat payment and Alipay scan code payment are caused by too many people in the supermarket, causing network signal congestion and the checkout time of the cash register is longer.


3. The member confirmed that it is not efficient enough

Costco needs to confirm whether it is a member before payment. When the supermarket checks out the cashier, first read the membership card to identify member information, and then increase the efficiency of the checkout, and also adjust the price of the goods in time, which requires an intelligent cash register to improve the efficiency of the cashier settlement.

 Popular Costco Member Service Should Upgrades Smart Cashier Machine

Telpo intelligent cash register TPS680, which supports scan code payment and membership card identification, can be applied to various membership-based catering and retail scenes such as supermarkets and restaurants. Rich external interface can expand cash drawer till, ticket printer, label printer, etc.

Popular Costco Member Service Should Upgrades Smart Cashier Machine

Costco is a membership-based supermarket that deserves a better shopping environment for its members. The long-term operation can be achieved by using a smart cash register to optimize the customer experience and improve the quality of the business.


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