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Why Mobile Catering Solution Is Essential To Restaurant?

Jan. 07, 2021

Due to the upheaval in the industry caused by health crisis, restaurant operators are turning their insight to contactless payment, delivery and takeout services to sustain their business. And clients also need new technology to help them enjoy meal while maintaining their social distance, including mobile catering solution.

Why Mobile Catering Solution Is Essential To Restaurant?


Contactless Payment, Delivery and Takeout Are Becoming New Trends


Data shows that restaurant delivery and takeout increased during the recent economic shutdown. The reasons are clear. Delivery makes sense for people who prefer to stay at home due to health concerns or government order. And curbside pickup helps another people that are more willing to go out while obeying social distance guidelines. And out of the fear of virus infection, increasing people reject cash payment and only accept contactless payment methods. 

Why Mobile Catering Solution Is Essential To Restaurant?

The Significance of Mobile Catering Solution


Restaurants need to provide innovative method to cater to customers’ contactless and social distance demand if they want to start table service. Against the backdrop, even restaurants without digital menu items for takeout or delivery adjusted business strategies and worked with a third-party platform or implemented mobile catering solutions to keep revenues coming in.


That means restaurant require mobile point of sale (POS) or restaurant management system to manage both online and offline orders. And the mobile catering solution is what integrates contactless payment, takeout or delivery operations through empowering customer contactless payment and kitchen receive orders automatically and ensuring orders timely prepare when customer or delivery drivers arrive.

 Why Mobile Catering Solution Is Essential To Restaurant?

Telpo Mobile Catering Solution for Better Experience


Compared with traditional POS, Telpo mobile POS TPS320 allows for online order, queuing up, mobile payment, web page print, checkout management, delivery service, membership management, statistical analysis, etc.

That means Telpo mobile catering solutions enable staff use mobile POS TPS320 to help customer order food directly without manually record, further minimize order error and delay. Customers can also scan table QR code to order online, which will be synchronized transmit to the mobile POS. After receiving the order, server can confirm it with the clients again and share it with the kitchen. Ultimately, customers can choose pay by NFC card or scan QR code such contactless payment methods to checkout and obtain receipts immediately.

Why Mobile Catering Solution Is Essential To Restaurant?


Besides, when mobile POS are integrated with the restaurant’s system, staff can directly print the online order booked from website or print labels with the customer’s name, items ordered and the number of packages for pickup or delivery, saving waiting time and increase satisfaction.


The mobile catering solution can be the best investment for restaurant as it able to optimize payment, takeout and delivery operations. With the help of it, no matter online or offline ordering, restaurant operators all have the ability to accommodate and maintain relationships with all of their customers.


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