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Mobile Payment+ Receipt Printing Promote Smart Parking Charge

Apr. 08, 2021

Traditional parking charge system fails to effectively monitor parking spots, making the loss of parking fees easily. What make things worse, as customers can't timely find free parking spaces and get real-time information update, thus easily result in traffic congestion, road occupation and traffic accident.

Mobile Payment  Receipt Printing Promote Smart Parking Charge

With the mission of creating a colorful future life, Telpo developed smart parking POS TPS320  to provide more effective services include mobile payment, receipt printing, GPRS positioning, etc, to the drivers and further promote smart parking charge.


How can it take effect?


First, the smart parking POS allows GPRS positioning function, which can guide the vehicle to find parking space. The owner can timely grasp the vacant information of road parking space, and integrate public parking space information on the roadside, and guide the vehicle to quickly find the vacant parking space. In this way, the service quality of the parking pot will be improved.


Second, intelligent parking charge methods are available. When drivers enter the parking lot, toll area staffer will carry the handheld parking POS to record the car plate number and take the picture. When the driver picks up the car, parking POS will automatically calculate the cost driver should pay for.

Mobile Payment  Receipt Printing Promote Smart Parking Charge

Mobile Payment POS machine for parking lot

The mobile payment contains NFC card, QR pay is supported so as to avoid error in the manual calculation. Once the complete transaction, the driver can get the invoice immediately as the parking POS supports receipt printing. Furthermore, the collected parking and charging information will be transmitted to the management center through a wireless network.


Last but not least, the smart parking POS can provide clear charging data and account information, greatly improving parking management and reducing relevant cost. Under such condition, the parking POS can effectively alleviate the parking problem in busy areas and significantly improve the traffic congestion in key areas.

Mobile Payment  Receipt Printing Promote Smart Parking Charge

Handheld Parking Pos machine 

It should be mentioned that we had already help Africa to facilitate their parking charges mode and gained greatly recognized. That means, we have ability and experience to provide you the appropriate parking charge solution. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.


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