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Moscow Contactless KFC, What Is The Future of Smart Quick Service Restaurant?

Sep. 25, 2020

Human-reduced, sanitary, self-service order and contactless service are undoubtedly the biggest change that came up in QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) brought by mobile Internet and public health emergency.  

Moscow Contactless KFC, What Is The Future of Smart Quick Service Restaurant?cid=96


It was reported that QSR chain KFC has opened an automated store in Moscow, Russia, aiming to provide a more sanitary and contactless experience to customers. Customers can order via self-serve kiosk and use face or bank card to pay after completing a registration process. The cooked food will be placed in an enclosed cubby by the robotic arm, and customer need to enter the code to take it out.


The whole process from order to take meal is totally automatic and contactless. Will it be the modal of smart quick service restaurant in the future? As a high-tech company that cooperated with well-known QSR giant Burger King, Telpo has some views on it and able to provide corresponding terminals and solutions.


Automatic Temperature Measurement


Moscow Contactless KFC, What Is The Future of Smart Quick Service Restaurant?cid=96


Health, sanitary and safe environments are what customer care most, which require to strengthen staff health management and strictly check customer healthy status. Under the condition of anti-pandemic normalcy, personnel should measure body temperature before entering the restaurant, and forbid to enter if body temperature exceeds 37.3.


Telpo temperature measurement terminal with AI vision and infrared thermal imaging technology is able to automatically detect human body temperature and mask-wearing conditions in a second. A single/multi-person temperature measurement terminal can be chosen. With extremely high accuracy and powerful function, a sense of security can be provided for dining customers.


Self-serve Order And Contactless Payment

Moscow Contactless KFC, What Is The Future of Smart Quick Service Restaurant?cid=96


There is no doubt that self-serve order model is conductive to reduce human contact, labor cost and improve operation efficiency in physical restaurants. Telpo self-serve order kiosk K5 equipped with HD screen is convenient for customer to know dish information more clearly and intuitively, and effectively solve choice problem. Contactless payment methods such as QR code payment, NFC payment and face payment will better reduce human contact and improve checkout efficiency.


Contactless Takeout

Moscow Contactless KFC, What Is The Future of Smart Quick Service Restaurant?cid=96

Besides, take a meal in restaurants, some customers might more prefer to contactless takeout service nowadays. Namely, order online and make contactless delivery or takeout service. Telpo portable mobile payment device TPS320 can receive online order information in real-time and then inform the kitchen to make it. It is convenient for customers or deliverymen to pick up the food directly after they arrive at the store and save waiting and queuing time.


What is the future of a quick-service restaurant? Maybe no one can get the answer now, but automatic temperature measurement, self-serve order, contactless payment, and contactless takeout service these practical and reasonable measures should be taken into consideration.


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