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New Product | Temperature Screening Thermography Camera

May. 05, 2020

As countries gradually embark on reopening the economy program, huge person flow will undoubtedly increase epidemic pressure. In order to conduct frequent fever monitoring in an orderly manner and prevent the epidemic spread after work resumption in an orderly manner, Telpo launched a temperature screening thermography camera V50 and corresponding temperature measurement system. It will conductive to quickly check and screen fever individuals and prevent epidemic spread.

New Product | Temperature Screening Thermography Camera

Telpo temperature screening thermography camera V50 + Telpo smart terminal TPS680 + Telpo Cloud monitor platform can form a complete temperature screening system. Far distance dynamic accurate temperature screening and synchronously body temperature display can be made, and the temperature error will be controlled within ±0.5℃.

 New Product | Temperature Screening Thermography Camera

Once a high temperature is detected, the system will automatically alarm and display personnel labels. Data will be uploaded to the platform synchronously, which can facilitate data tracing and timely find the suspected person and close contact person. It can achieve effectively and rapidly temperature screening and identification for large people flow, which is suitable for all kinds of personnel gathering areas and public places.



  1. Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact

  2. Far distance and a large area for monitoring

  3. Multi-person dynamic screening

  4. Simultaneously detect identification and body temperature

  5. Immediately high-temperature alarm and 24-hour service


It is applicable to personnel control in the entrance and exit of office buildings, residential areas and government agencies, customs, airports, and so on scenes. Non-contact check and screen enter and exit a person's temperature and monitor the relevant situations in real-time at the platform will improve the working efficiency of management personnel, satisfy epidemic requirements and prevent a high-temperature person from entering crowded places.

 New Product | Temperature Screening Thermography Camera

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Company Introduction: Telpo is solidly located in the smart terminal industry forefront as it sticks to technology-driven and market demand-oriented. With keen market insight, Telpo has developed smart payment, smart community, smart retail, smart restaurant, face recognition temperature measurement, government election, and other scene applications to build a "cloud + terminal" brand and complete solution. Based on the rich and successful ODM experiences, Telpo satisfies customers in both the technology and business field.

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