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Octa-core Cash Register TPS685 Comprehensive Evaluation

Sep. 19, 2018


android cash register TPS685 Telpo

At first glance, Telpo new cash register TPS685, the first word that emerged is "slim and thin"

Compared with the mainstream cash register on the market, the Telpo cash register TPS685 adopts a streamlined integrated design, which supports the whole fuselage with only one bracket. Lightweight, it is the main feature of Telpo android cash register TPS685. 

It's doubtful that this small body can really accommodate the various functions of the smart cash register? With this question, let's test the performance of the TPS685!

Hardware Configuration

test android cash register TPS685 Telpo

Telpo smart cash register TPS685 uses the industrial grade motherboard-- Rockchip RK3368. The CPU is Octa-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 core. Its equipped with 1G RAM and 8GB NAND Flash memory. The whole features can ensure long-term work and stability.

This hardware configuration makes the system run faster and more smoothly, running a variety of work software and storing massive amounts of data. With Lu master test running score reached 63,158 points, higher than the performance of similar smart cash register running. The performance is satisfactory.


Screen Configuration

android cash register TPS685 Telpo

Consistent with Telpo's other smart cash registers; Telpo TPS685 uses an FHD screen with a resolution of 1920*1080. The 15.6-inch high-definition capacitive touch screen is smooth and easy to use. Coupled with the RK3368 blessing with superb video capabilities, it is said that it can even support 4K×2K HD video display, and even the normal commercials are more textured.

check android cash register TPS685 Telpo

As a single-screen cash register, Telpo android cash register TPS685 also adds an additional LED digital tube display, which can display the unit price, the amount payable, and change the information in real time. The cash register screen also flexibly adjusts the user's most comfortable angle, reducing fatigue caused by improper angles and long hours of work.

Information transmission

Selected five smart cash registers to test their performance on WIFI, Bluetooth and Ethernet. After testing, they found that there was no significant difference in WIFI signal strength and throughput within 30 meters, and remained at around -62dbm (the industry standard believes that -50dbm to -85dbm is normal for signal connection).

But in the Bluetooth and Ethernet test, the performance of the Telpo cash register machine TPS685 is amazing. In the Bluetooth test, the file is sent and received with the same mobile phone by maintaining the test distance of 5 meters or more and the same surroundings. The test result is that the file receiving the speed of the Telpo TPS685 reaches 112kb/sec, which is twice as fast as 58kb/sec of a well-known brand cash register.

On the most common Ethernet connection, the Cash Recognition TPS685 still performed well, with a downlink speed of 11.12MB/sec, which greatly exceeded the industry average.

Compression Test

check android cash register

In the harsh working environment test, the Telpo intelligent cash register TPS685 performed strongly. After 8 hours of standby, the surface temperature remained at around 37.5 °C. After 2 hours of induction cooker testing, the temperature only rose by 0.6 °C, which was lower than the operating temperature of similar intelligent cash registers. In the high temperature and high humidity work test, the TPS650T can work normally between -5 °C and 45 °C.

android cash register TPS685 Telpo

In the group pulse test, the TPS685 can be said to be a leader. In the state of plus or minus 1000V, Telpo intelligent cash register TPS685 is not much different from various cash registers. However, when the voltage went to plus or minus 2000V, even the LCD touchscreen of some well-known brand cash registers began to lose control, appearing flash screens and jumps. However, the touchscreen of the Telpo cash register TPS650 can still operate normally, and the anti-interference ability is strong.

External Expansion

android cash register TPS685 Telpo

Compared with the single port of the smart cash register in the market, the TPS685 can support both the RS232 port and the RJ11 serial port, which can be connected to the cash register drawer and the LED sub-screen. The RJ11 serial port easily passes 500,000 times of work test, and the USB2.0 interface passes the 4000 times of interface plug-in test, which is stable and reliable.


android cash register TPS685 Telpo

Telpo TPS685 adopts matt aluminum alloy body, which changes the bulky body design, greatly compresses the thickness of the base, strives to achieve the lightest weight in weight and thickness, and condenses various rich functional parts in lightweight. The fuselage is a great test for the manufacturing process and structural balance. The unique one-piece design allows the overall body to be very stable and maintain a perfect balance. In actual use, it saves the storefront space and gives a more refreshing visual experience.

After testing, whether it is hardware design, external configuration or appearance design, Telpo TPS685 is very outstanding. Its every performance is better than similar models. Compact body, with great functions, Telpo TPS685 will be the ideal choice for light and cost-effective in the smart cash register 5.0 era.

android cash register TPS685 Telpo

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