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Cases of ODM A Smart Bus Billing Machine

Jun. 06, 2018


bus billing machine

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Traditional bus coin machines only support buying tickets by coins or transit cards. Among them, there are major drawbacks to changing coins to buy tickets: Inconvenient cash change, large cash collection and management workload, cash transportation, and extremely high reconciliation management costs. 

In order to solve the shortcomings, smart bus billing machines began to be noticed by bus companies. Smart bus fare collection devices support mobile payment such as WeChat Pay and Alipay. It's beneficial for reducing currency usage and labor cost and making clear the payment account management.

bus billing machine


With the emergence of mobile electronic payment options, more and more people choose to go out without money and take a mobile phone to “get the world". Shopping, watching movies, eating all can directly scan the QR code to pay bills, which is very quick and convenient.

bus billing machine

The bus companies look for a smart bus billing system, in order to reduce the cost of labor, reconciliations, and transportation brought by the paper ticket purchase. They need to customize a new intelligent bus billing machine, which combined with the current trend of mobile payment. 

The hardware can not only integrate the function of collecting coins and cash but also support mobile payment methods such as WeChat pay and Alipay. 

Telpo specially customizes the intelligent bus point of sale hardware according to the newest requirement of smart public transportation, which supports electronic mobile payment.

[Telpo Solutions]

bus billing machine

bus billing machine

Telpo provides product ODM services and produces smart bus billing machines and smart bus credit card machines based on WeChat payment, Alipay.

Telpo can provide the overall solution. Passengers can pay the QR code by opening the mobile phone, and then the payment platform interface is called and the payment information is recorded in the background.

Combined with the supporting platform of operation service, it provides the ticket closed loop of payment, settlement and accounting management.


bus billing machine

Features of intelligent bus fare collecting machines:


· Smart money collection equipment of the bus;

· Mobile electronic payment for bus fare;

· Smart bus coin slot machine;

· The bus WeChat pays the smart money machine.

· Smart bus QR code payment POS.

· The smart bus or taxi fare pay by NFC card reader;

· Self-service Bus bills Payment and ticketing machine.

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