Online Order Surge, How Restaurant Improve Delivery Efficiency?


In the era of Internet, increasing restaurants launch online ordering and offline delivery services in response to consumer online shopping habits. Relevant data shows that delivery speed is the significant factor to affect customer experience and store repurchase rate.

Online Order Surge, How Restaurant Improve Delivery  Efficiency?


Just imagine. If you run a restaurant, how will you improve delivery efficiency at the peak hour for lunch and dinner? Here are some tips for improving restaurant delivery service efficiency.


1. Standardized cooking


Standardized cooking means that you should simplify and standardize the process of food preparation and cooking. And then, you should take advantage of order data (an actual sales-to-forecast variance should be 5% to 7% daily) and predict food preparation in advance. In this way, you can improve the speed of food cooking, reduce the waiting time of delivery personnel, and further improve delivery efficiency.


2. Schedule the right opening time


Some restaurants set up both in-house meal space and outside catering to cater to the eating habit of different consumers. That means you may receive online food order or on-site food order at the same time. But affected by the pandemic, more consumers will prefer to order online. When it comes to online food ordering surge, you should reasonably adjust store opening hour and prepare the meals in advance according to own condition. Otherwise, you may face order backlog, delivery difficulties, and customer complaints.

 Online Order Surge, How Restaurant Improve Delivery  Efficiency?

3. Set up a specific pickup area for the deliveryman  


Takeaway delivery belongs to point-to-point instant logistics, which mainly depends on the cooperation between merchants and deliverymen. If possible, you can set up a specific takeaway area for the deliveryman to quickly pick up meals and not affect in-room dining customers. What makes things better, you could arrange specific personnel responsible for takeout order and directly hand with deliveryman to reduce mistakes.


4. Adopt intelligent equipment


Through intelligent systems and equipment, the scene of queuing, ordering, reservation, payment, and delivery can be deeply connected. That will promote real-time interaction among restaurant, customers and deliveryman, improve three sides communicate efficiency and optimize customer dinner experience.


Online Order Surge, How Restaurant Improve Delivery  Efficiency?


For example, Telpo Android POS TPS320, a popular intelligent device for restaurants, supports receive orders, mobile payment, print receipts, digital marketing, etc. Every time a new order is received, a real-time voice reminder will be activated to prevent missing orders. Once the order is confirmed, the order information will be printed synchronously and sent to the kitchen to prepare dishes. Against the backdrop, the deliveryman can access to pick up the meal on time and then improve his delivery efficiency.


Furthermore, the Android POS enables order data synchronous upload and accurate to analyze customer flow through the Telpo Cloud platform, which will assist merchants to roll out marketing strategies and improve customer traffic flow. It will reach membership registration, member recommendation, promotional activities, inventory management and other effects, greatly reduce restaurant operation cost and improve management efficiency.


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