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Stay At Home Order Boosts Delivery Service And Self Service Package Locker

Jun. 03, 2020

Recently, Walmart released its Q1 FY21 Earning. According to the data, Walmart firstly quarter total revenue was $134.6 billion, an increase of $10.7 billion, or 8.6%. Among them, Walmart's U.S. e-commerce sales grew 74% with strong results for grocery pickup and contactless delivery services. 


Stay At Home Order Boosts Contactless Delivery Service And Self Service Package Locker

It is reported that Walmart had offered grocery pickup and delivery at 3,300 stores and same-day delivery service at 1,850 stores, making it convenient and easier for people affected by a stay at home orders. In addition, the company reckoned this approach will drive growth in Omnichannel sales for fear of infection in crowded supermarkets. And the number of new customers trying grocery pickup and delivery service has increased 4 times since mid-March.

In fact, contactless delivery service has become increasingly popular so to reduce the epidemic impact on daily life. Many enterprises use a self-service package locker to realize the contactless package received. The courier will put the package into the self-service package locker and customers can open it through scanning commodity code, face recognition, or ID card. As no human contact during the whole process, it will save delivery service time and minimize infection possibility. Importantly, it would relieve the shortage of couriers.

 Stay At Home Order Boosts Contactless Delivery Service And Self Service Package Locker

Telpo self-service package locker TPS731

Thanks to high-tech, self-service package lockers enables customer to experience a fantastic delivery service. Like Telpo self-service package locker TPS731, which supports face recognition, ID card and IC card identify, giving people three approaches to open package locker door through their faces, ID card or IC card. What’s more, it can equip with the display, password keyboard, and audio speaker, and expand more rich interactive operation experience and can be applied in more scenarios.


In addition, the self-service package locker owns extremely reliable as it requires the customer to identify their identity by QR code, password or face, which will avoid someone's mistake or steal the package. It will provide customer with strong psychological comfort and enhance their consumption confidence.


 Stay At Home Order Boosts Delivery Service And Self Service Package Locker

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