How Does Payment With Face Recognition Guarantee Payment Secure?


Payment security is always the top priority and a concerning issue for the facial payment providers and users. In the mobile payment process, identity verification is crucial as it can prevent embezzling and protect capital security. Nowadays, facial payment is gaining increasing popularity, how does payment terminal with face recognition guarantee payment security?

Payment with face recognition is a combination of payment and identity authentication. When customers use the facial ID payment, the 3D structured light face recognition camera will scan their faces and carry out identity verification. Once the scanned information is matched with the payment platform stored data, billing will be automatically deducted from the bounded bank account to complete the transaction.

Given this, customers need not enter a password or take out their mobile phones. It can achieve contactless payment and improve checkout efficiency. Empowered by the liveness detection function, the payment terminal with face recognition can even achieve a financial payment level and protect payment security.

According to statistics, biometric identification including fingerprint, face, etc has become the highest identity verification method among mobile payment authentication. Biometric identification’s usage rate has surpassed that of entering password authentication, especially among young people aged 18-24. It was reported that 75% of them have already used fingerprint recognition and face recognition to verify their identities during the payment process.

It is common to see that fingerprint recognition and face recognition bring convenience to people. Considering the sensitivity and security of face information, Facial recognition payment systems and payment terminal with face recognition providers should constantly improve their technology in ensuring the payment is secure. For example, anti-detachable design, secure encryption keyboard, security chip can be adopted in the Facial payment device.

As a senior smart terminal manufacturer, Telpo has always strictly complied with relevant national laws and regulations and provides professional biometrics terminals and solutions. following the GDPR framework. Besides, it has officially joined in China Trusted Face Application Protect Program("Face Protection Plan ) initiated by the Cloud Computing and Big Data Institute of China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT). That means Telpo protects users' private information and privacy security with practical actions.

With the mission of creating a colorful future and assisting businesses to find the appropriate payment terminal device as soon as possible, Telpo utilizes its advanced technology and launches Telpo Facial payment family.

Telpo TPS680
Cash Register with Face recognition
Cash Register with Face recognition
Android or window system optional, easy to make secondary development
Support dual-screen display, different contents can be shown on two screens
Support multiple payments including face payment, NFC payment, QR code payment
3D structure light camera (optional) able to achieve employee attendance, member identification, etc
Rich external ports enable free access to barcode scanner, receipt printer, etc

Telpo C9
Face Payment Terminal
payment with face recognition Payment Terminal
Qualcomm Octa-core + Android 9.0 empower smooth operation
3D structured light camera with financial Facial payment module ensure payment security
Professional hard decoding makes rapidly recognizing 1D/2D available.
Multiple payment acceptance include face payment, QR code payment, NFC payment, IC payment
Financial certificates include EMV/PCI/PAYWAVE/PayPass
Rich interfaces access to connect OTG device, cash register, printer

Telpo C20
AI Cash Register with Face recognition
Payment with face recognition ai cashier
Android 7.1 system + Dual-Core 1.8GHz+Quad-Core 1.4GHz processor ensures flexible operation
15.6-inch dual screens for different information display
2MP object recognition camera + object recognition algorithm ensures accurate item recognition
QR code payment, NFC payment, face payment, and IC bank payment are available
58mm thermal printer with auto cutter ensures fast receipt printing
Stainless steel plate and common plate optional

Telpo K5
Kiosk machine with face recognition
payment with face recognition kiosk machine
21.5-inch FHD industrial screen +1920*1080 resolution ensures stable performance, flexible screen operation, and vivid information display.
Single-lens/dual-lens/3D structured light camera (optional), support face recognition, membership registration/login
Support 80mm thermal printer with auto cutter, 170mm/s high-speed, and a big paper roll.
Multiple payment methods available include face payment, QR pay, and NFC/IC card
Supports checkout counter, floor-stand, and wall-mounted installation. The bracket is in line with VESA standard, making installation easier and more flexible.

As you can see above, the Telpo facial payment family contains a series of payment terminals with different types and sizes, thus you can find whatever you want no matter what business you run quickly. Telpo facial payment terminal is good for maximizing protect payment security, elevating payment experience, and expanding more scene applicability.

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