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China Newtech Pick-up Devices Promote Digital Courier Station

Aug. 17, 2020

Receiving parcels has become modern people a part of daily life. Nowadays, face-scanning send packages, self-service pick-up, and unmanned delivery seem more and more popular. China's third-party terminal logistics service platform Cainiao Yizhan is building a more convenient and efficient digital courier station through high-tech pick-up devices. 


High-tech Pick-up Devices Promote Digital Courier Station

There is no doubt that 24-hour running digital courier stations will bring consumers a digital lifestyle and help them complete self-service pick-up without a time limit. Importantly, the whole pick-up process is very simple. Recipients scan code to enter the station, find parcel according to credential code, put the parcel at the pick-up device, and leave after confirmation.


To ensure recipient identity, the courier station will open a cloud camera in real-time. Only successfully verify identification, the system will confirm pick-up information and take photos as the record. In addition, all links are connected to Ali's digital system and make cloud monitoring to ensure high accuracy and prevent wrong picking and parcel loss.


Coincidentally, Telpo also launched a smart pick-up device and solution to promote digital courier station development and implementation.

High-tech Pick-up Devices Promote Digital Courier Station

①Identity Verification: The customer should detect forehead temperature and scan a face in front of the face recognition thermometer before entering the express station. 

②Pick-up Package: Customers can in line with his package number and easily find their package at the delivery locker. 

③Confirmation: The customer only needs to place his package at the self-service pick-up kiosk. The self-service pick-up kiosk will automatically scan the barcode stuck on the package and confirm it was picked up successfully.

④Exit: Customers can pick up their packages and leave.


If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.


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