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QR Code Payment Are Gaining A Brighter Perspective

Feb. 26, 2020

The popularity of digital payment not only changes the traditional payment method but also promotes the pace of cashless society, while QR code payment gains the warmest welcome by the majority of consumers across the world.

                   Telpo QR Code Payment POS terminal TPS320        

A "code" in hand, the world I have.       

How popular the QR code payment?


It is reported that India reached 26 billion online transactions in 2019, and QR code payment is one of the primary transaction methods. Recently, Thailand and Cambodia government announced the launch of an interoperable payment QR code between their countries. Not to mention the QR code payment has integrated Asian daily life and became their primary payment option.


What is the benefit of QR code payment? 


Driven by two Chinese digital-payment platforms, Tencent's WeChat Pay and Alibaba's Alipay, customers can enjoy a contactless payment method, namely, QR code payment. It makes payment fast, straightforward and safe for both customers and merchants exactly as merchants merely scan exclusive QR payment code provided by the customer to complete a transaction. For merchants with high footfall, QR codes could easily help them, rocket people, through their store and gain a value-added advantage over competitors.


What Kind of QR code Terminal is the Best?


The kinds of QR code terminal choose depends on the type of business you run. In the market, there is a handheld portable POS terminal and the QR code scanner both supports QR code payment, like Telpo portable POS terminal TPS320 and QR code scanner TPS508. The biggest difference depends on the action and operation effect you hope to make.

 Telpo QR Code Payment POS terminal TPS320

For handheld portable POS terminal, it generally adopts soft decoding with slower speed, but it is portable for a cashier to carry and positively scan customer QR code and present better service attitude, which is a better choice for restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, and service-based places.

For the QR code scanner, it uses hard decoding with fast speed, and the bigger scan window enables customers to accurately self-scanning, which is suitable for a retail store, shopping mall, and experience-driven places.  

 Telpo QR Code Payment POS terminal TPS508

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