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Designed For Safe Entry, Telpo Safe Entry QR Code Scanner

Jan. 27, 2021

In light of the current pandemic situation, countries have stepped up measures to ensure the safety and welfares of their citizens. A health code or called safe entry code is increasingly taken to improve verification efficiency and promote express passage.


To support countries strengthen personnel information screening and tracking in a bid to achieve high-efficiency personnel flow management, Telpo developed a safe entry QR code scanner TPS508.

 Safe Entry and  Safe Entry QR Code Scanner

QR Code Scanner For Safe Entry TPS508 

Health Code Verification, Efficient Screening


Health code verification allows people to register their health information in advance, which is conducive to shorten quarantine waiting time and improve verification efficiency. Telpo safe entry QR code scanner even able to connect multiple health codes and triple remind verification result through display content, voice broadcast and indicator light within seconds.

Health verification code,Telpo Safe Entry QR Code Scanner

Health verification with QRcode 

Simple Process, Easy Operation


Users only need to display their exclusive health code in front of the safe entry QR code scanner, which will immediately inform verification results. Like traffic lights, the green code is an indication of safety, the yellow code means requiring recheck health status, and the red code would activate the alarm mechanism. Importantly, all verification results will be uploaded to the health code online platform for later monitor and track.


Telpo Safe Entry QR Code Scanner with voice reminder

Voice and indicator light for the reminder


Timely Information Upload, Cloud Platform Manage  


In virtue of 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet ensure smooth communication, personal location information or health information will be real-time uploaded to the cloud platform, which is conducive to effectively collect and record mobile personnel dynamic condition and anti-pandemic information.

WIFI Safe Entry QR Code Scanner

Positioning and Reporting

User-friendly Design, Wider Applications


Small size with little space occupation, along with voice broadcast and indicator light for clearly notice each inspection result, better monitor key personnel, and not missing check. Moreover, the verification results can be printed for more purposes. Against the backdrop, the safe entry QR code scanner is super suitable to be used in the community, service hall, supermarket, station, airport, hotel, etc. 


Designed for safe entry and express passage, Telpo safe entry QR code scanner can also treated as an effective precaution measure to ensure worldwide citizens’ safety and welfares.      

 New Retail Safe Entry QR code scanner family

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