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How To Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving 2020

Nov. 12, 2020

Thanksgiving is usually a time for friends and family to reunion and celebration. However, the ongoing pandemic make holiday celebration adds a little bit nervous and stressful atmosphere that differs from the past. How to safely celebrate Thanksgiving becomes a priority concern.

How To Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving 2020 

While some people are willing to stay home and self-make family-style meals to maintain proper social distance, there are another people hope to go out and spend a close-kit time with loved ones. A survey result from 2020 Thanksgiving Travel Index released by Tripadvisor claimed that nearly 56% of Americans intend to leave home for the holiday.


Even though governments strongly recommend people to wear mask at outdoor places, there is still some backlash. And safely celebrate Thanksgiving not only refers to people use correct prevention behavior(wear mask, keep 6 feet social distance, clean hands, control gathering number, etc) to celebrate this holiday, it also demands public places to ensure and provide a safe and healthy environment.  

Thanksgiving, temperature screening, mask detection, access control infrared  2020

Under such circumstance, it is necessary for public scenes to include a restaurant, hotel, shopping mall, supermarket, etc to shoulder their social responsibility and monitor in and out personnel mask-wearing condition and even detect their temperature, so as to ensure a safe outdoor environment and protect personnel health.


Nowadays, some high-tech companies developed smart device to assist people do preliminary temperature screening and mask detection. Telpo is one of them, which totally developed 14 temperature screening terminals and scenario temperature solutions. People can self-detect their forehead or wrist temperature in a touch-free way, and they can clearly know their temperature though the display, voice broadcast and indicator light.

Thanksgiving, temperature screening, mask detection, access control infrared  2020

When a fever person is detected, the alarm mechanism will be activated and an alert email will be sent to relevant staff. Coordinating with real-time temperature data upload, it is conductive to find out and tracing potential confirmed human and close contacts. Importantly, access control, attendance, visitor management and so on scene functions are supported, making products have huge value and highly expandability.


Thanksgiving 2020 with temperature screening, mask detection, access control infrared


On this Friday, 19:00-20:00 (UTC+8), Telpo will release its latest access control infrared thermometer B5 on its Youtube channel. If you’re interested, welcome to click the link: https://youtu.be/od9Bih1RJAI and join in.   


Tag: Thanksgiving, temperature screening, mask detection, access control infrared thermometer

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