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Sechelt New Measure | Rolls Out Visitor Information Kiosk

Oct. 29, 2019

Sechelt New Measure | Rolls Out Visitor Information Kiosk

Located on the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver, Sechelt is as laid-back as it is scenic and full of artist atmosphere, attracting numerous tourists every year.


Recent, the District of Sechelt and Sunshine Coast Tourism (SCT) have installed a visitor information kiosk to improve tourists experience at the Trail Bay Mall. All information on the kiosks is taken directly from the Sunshine Coast Tourism website to guarantee accurate information and data.


Sechelt New Measure | Rolls Out Visitor Information Kiosk

The communications manager Julie Rogers said the kiosk is a complement of Visitor Information Centre as it can consistently provide services to visitors and work longer hours. In addition, Annie Wise, marketing director believed that the kiosk will also provide SCT with information, including data on what visitors are looking for. And they will monitor that data to explore the possibility of expanding the service range.


In fact, the application scenes of kiosk are countless as the rapid development of technology and continuous optimization of kiosk. It is crucial to choose an appropriate kiosk accord with the scenario requirement.


Just like the Burger King, as a world-renowned restaurant chain, adopting a self-service ordering kiosk in line with its restaurant nature. Cooperating with Telpo, global terminal solution provider, the customized self-service ordering kiosks TPS780 help Burger King stores enhance customer capacity and dining experience, eventually increase profits by three times.

Sechelt New Measure | Rolls Out Visitor Information Kiosk


If a brand wants to stand stable in the industry, it should focus more on customers needing and improve their consumption experience. And smart terminal as the fuel will push industry further development. Telpo will consistently upgrade its scientific and technical ability and continue to provide customized service for different client groups. 


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