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Self Order Screen Raises Restaurant Triple Operational Efficiency

Jul. 20, 2019

Recently, a restaurant launched smart catering stores in Chicago, for the first time it introduced self-order screen, mobile phone scanning order such two major functional services. According to relevant data, the average ordering speed at the store has been reduced from 2 - 4 minutes to 45 seconds, and the order efficiency has been raised at least three times, which also bring better-consuming experience to consumers.

Self order screen raises restaurant triple operational efficiency

Elevate the Restaurant Operational Efficiency

Owning to smart catering devices — self-order screen and mobile phone scanning order, even in the peak period, consumers need not wait for hours as the poor service efficiency of the restaurant. On the contrary, consumers have a choice to select food in front of the self-order screen at the restaurant or scanning the menu with their mobile phones at their seats. The waiters will serve dishes around the store and clear up tables. It makes the operational efficiency of the restaurant extremely high.

Self order screen raises restaurant triple operational efficiency

A Successful Solution For New Entrants of Catering

For merchants, this solution not only improves the restaurant's operational efficiency but also reduces their costs. The insiders once calculated that the self-order screen can work under full load during business hours in a year. And it costs less than ¥ 9000 a year, containing hardware fee and electricity cost. However, if an employee is hired to order, the average annual pre-tax salary is ¥ 60,000. Nowadays, one person can handle everything at the checkout counter due to he only needs to help customers pack the meal. The smart solution shortens the checkout time and frees up other staffs to better serve customers and improve store operation efficiency.

 Self order screen raises restaurant triple operational efficiency

Consumers Tend To Self-ordering

For consumers, they will enjoy a pleasure order process whether ordering at the self-order screen or on their mobile phone. Under such condition, Telpo self-order TPS700 designs a high definition touchable screen for consumers, enabling them to have a clearer and intuitively understanding of dishes, and effectively solves their problem of choice phobia, facilitating decision-making.  


Good selection of self-order screen

At TPS727 touchable screen, the guest can choose scanning code payment or sweeping NFC card payment after ordering their ideal dishes and then print the receipt. Then, they can wait for their dishes at the seats. The self-order screen greatly reduces staffs' working time and customers' queuing time.   

  Self order screen raises restaurant triple operational efficiency

Whether from the perspective of improving merchants' operational efficiency or attracting consumers and further improve their consumption experience, it will become the trend for the contemporary catering industry to introduce the smart catering device.


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