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Nielsen Report | Self-service Checkout Kiosk And Takeout Delivery Service Will Be New Trend

Jun. 11, 2020

Correlating COVID-19 news events, such as public health announcements and government press conferences, Nielsen, the well-known market data analysis company has identified change consumer behaviors since coronavirus outbreak. And consumer changing purchase habits will undoubtedly affect merchant layout and direction. 


QR code payment, mobile payment, Self-service Checkout Kiosk And Takeout Delivery Service


Self-service Checkout Kiosk And Mobile Payments Are Popular


As we all know, mobile payment is widespread used in Asia. During the COVID-19 period, QR code payment is more widely used and treated as the contactless payment to reduce infection risk caused by human contact. Similarly, a self-service checkout kiosk might cut down the potential contact spread at the supermarket as it can reduce the contact between the cashier and the customer.


Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic pushes foreign countries to transfer cash, credit cards and membership cards those payment methods to mobile payment, and QR code payment will be more widely used.


It is predicted that supermarkets, shopping malls and retailers plan to increase digital and automatic upgrading and transformation to improve online sales, real-time data sharing, smart picking and distribution, and offline self-service checkout. Early in March, China took the lead in issuing digital vouchers in order to stimulate consumer confidence and economic recovery and boost the business income of catering, retail, tourism and other industries.

QR code payment, mobile payment, Self-service Checkout Kiosk And Takeout Delivery Service

It is worth noting that the merchant should prepare digital terminal to make digital voucher verification in advance, Telpo self-service checkout kiosk TPS700 is one of them. It not only supports digital coupons verification and QR code payment but also allows customer self-service checkout at the HD screen without any cashiers operation. Such a contactless and self-service checkout method greatly improves checkout efficiency, reduce queuing time and potential contact infection, which is high efficiency and health.


Stay At Home Economy Speeds Up Takeout Delivery Development


As consumers are limited by the order of stay-at-home or shelter-in-place around the world, they are more likely to choose takeout delivery services at least as long as the pandemic continues. According to relevant data, 86 percent of respondents said they would prefer to eat at home, while 24 percent and 37 percent, respectively, would rather in-store pickup and delivery services. As the takeout delivery business is expected to take a huge amount in the catering industry, a smart terminal that can support multi-platform takeout orders will be the standard device.

Nielsen Report | Self-service Checkout Kiosk And Takeout Delivery Service Will Be New Trend

Under such circumstances, the smart terminal integrates order, reservation, extension, and management will be a better choice. Exactly as Telpo mobile POS TPS320, it can help merchants realize online ordering, table reservation, e-menu browsing, and takeout delivery. Customer can order at his phone in advance, TPS320 will inform merchant transaction information and receive order synchronously, and then print the receipt and inform the kitchen to make a dish and further make takeout delivery, which will greatly improve operation and delivery efficiency.  


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