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Self Service Kiosk Alleviates Hospital Clinic Pressure

Mar. 17, 2020

Nowadays, COVID-19 coronavirus has become a global pandemic with the uncontrollable spreading trend. The World Health Organization (WHO) said that there are more than 160,000 confirmed cases in the world yesterday. The increasing number of confirmed cases also partly reflects the heavy pressure on hospitals.

Self Service Kiosk Alleviates Hospital Clinic Pressure

However, an opportunity is hidden in danger. Under the COVID-19 coronavirus condition, many hospitals use Internet technology and self-service queuing kiosk to alleviate hospital clinic pressure from online and offline perspectives.

Internet Remote Consultation + Self-service Appointment

From an online perspective, medical staff can check the patient's condition and characteristics through an Internet remote consultation system, greatly save medical staff time. Remote consultation will also minimize direct contact to reduce cross-infection risk and raise diagnosis and treatment efficiency.


Otherwise, hospitals can use the self-service kiosks to implement appointment registration, queue number collection, and self-service payment. It will greatly alleviate the long queuing problems, optimize the patient's medical treatment process, improve the patient's medical treatment environment and alleviate the shortage of medical staff.

Self Service Kiosk Alleviates Hospital Clinic Pressure

Patients can self-register and obtain consultation guidelines through the kiosk TPS716.

Voice Operation Guide

The advanced self-service kiosks can also use cutting-edge technology and voice functions to provide operational guidance for the elderly, disables and initial patients, solving initial operation difficulty. For example, Telpo self-service queuing kiosk TPS716 adopts a high-quality speaker and HD industrial touch screen, guiding the patient to operate the kiosk according to the text information presented at the screen and broadcast operation steps in real-time.


Self-Service Check-in and Payment 

Patients can also make an appointment online in advance. When they reach a hospital, they can present the registration QR code in front of the scanning window of the queuing kiosk to check-in and print the numbered receipt. After the consultation, the patient can also use their medical card to pay fees in that kiosk by themselves. Telpo self-service queuing kiosk able to achieve self-service check-in, obtain queue number and self-service payment integration.

 Self Service Kiosk Alleviates Hospital Clinic Pressure

Patients completed self-check and self-printing through kiosk TPS717.

Patient's Temperature Detection

In addition, in order to further relieve hospital clinic pressure, Telpo upgraded self-service kiosk TPS717 supports to detect patient's temperature and preliminarily judge patient's physical condition through infrared camera, infrared thermography and temperature measurement algorithm. And customer screen can display knowledge about epidemic preparedness in real-time, and reduce unnecessary panic by delivering the correct message in a timely manner.

During the special time, the medical staff held on to their positions, and at the same time under great physiological and psychological pressure. Adopting the self-service kiosk not only relieves hospital clinic pressure and improves medical staff working efficiency, but also improves hospital service quality to some extent, and shortens patients queuing time.


Finally, we pay tribute to every medical staff who sticks to the front.

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