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Singapore Airport Uses Face Recognition System To Find Late Boarding Passengers

Nov. 24, 2018

Singapore Airport Face Recognition System

Have you had such an experience due to flight delays caused by the drop of the same passengers? At Singapore Changi Airport, this annoying experience may be history.

Singapore Face Recognition System

Changi Airport is testing a face recognition system that will find travelers who have lost or stayed in duty-free shops for a long time.

For the sixth consecutive year at Changi Airport, the world's best airport in Skytrax, we are investigating how to use the latest technology( especially the face recognition technology) to solve many problems, from reducing runway taxi time to predicting flight arrivals faster.

Singapore Airport Uses Face Recognition System To Find Late Boarding Passengers

The latest T4 terminal in Changi is already using face recognition technology to provide self-service for check-in, baggage check-in, immigration and boarding. This technology means fewer queues and fewer airport employees or security personnel.

Passengers can check in the unattended pavilion and their photos will be photographed to match the passenger's passport. At the automatic immigration security checkpoint, the passenger will be photographed again and this photo will be used to verify the passenger status at the gate.

 Singapore Airport Uses Face Recognition System To Find Late Boarding Passengers

Changi Airport is exploring how to deploy face recognition technology in the original three terminals to achieve self-service baggage check and immigration inspection. Changi Airport sees T4 as the test platform for its fifth terminal, and Changi Airport T5 will be activated in about ten years.

Singapore Airport Uses Face Recognition System To Find Late Boarding Passengers

Telpo TPS971 turnstile face recognition machine


Face recognition, as a new trending and high-tech method to ensure security in a various scenario, is becoming more and more common in all fields. In July, Telpo promotes a new model, TPS980, to the market. With its advantage, TPS980 has been a hot sales product in the market. Applications, such as time attendance, visitor registration, and security supervision, are all applicable.

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