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Smart cash register TPS650 under the New Retail, all-round evaluation.

Jul. 23, 2017

Ma Yun said in the 2016 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference: "The next decade to two decades, there will be no so-called e-commerce, online and offline business and logistics must be combined, then the birth of the real" new retail " can come. The trend of future new retail is online brands gradually develop towards to offline. Intelligential and large data are inevitable. what is fiscal data what is accounting system fiscal module


In the new retail era, with the popularity of intelligent shopping equipment, shops will integrate more sci-tech elements to achieve the digitized and intelligential transformation of the terminal, extending the shop space and building more diverse consumer scenarios. As an essential equipment of an offline shop, cash register has experienced four generations of evolution and development. The fourth generation of cash registers developed towards the intelligential, making the offline and online combined more closely. There is a wide range of Windows-based and Android-based cash registers with different prices and quality, making it’s very difficult to make a choice for a shop owner in the new retail era.


As a smart terminal manufacturer, with 18 years of technical accumulations, Telpo developed a high-end smart cash register TPS650, smart register 5.0 as the fifth generation of the smart register, started a smart register new era. Now let’s do a comprehensive assessment for TPS650.


Appearance: Elegant and Honourable  fiscal memory FN module tax control the UK

The common cash registers we see in the stores are black or gray which looks grave, making it’s assonant with the bright tone of the new retail store. Telpo TPS650 is colored with pearl white and UV high light and its material is mixed with silver power, which makes the machine looks fashion and honorable. It is designed with the special appearance, just like a Chinese character ”Fair”, which represent the spirit of Telpo—To achieve self-value through selflessness. It is meaning that Telpo would make a contribution to the clients and be fair to the cooperating partners make win-win.


Display: High-definition display, with different size

The standard configuration of Telpo TPS650 includes dual IPS high-definition capacitive screens. The main screen is 15.6 inches in size with 1920 * 1080 resolution; the customer screen is 11.6 inches in size with the same resolution. Display effect is extremely delicate, bringing an excellent visual experience. Both screens are touch and can display different content simultaneously.

As a smart cash register of 5.0 era, TPS650 started customizing + smart cashing, giving customers more options of customized functions. Screens of TPS650 can be combined by customers basing on their own needs. Size of the main screen can be changed to 11.6 inches, customer screen can be changed to 15.6 inches screen or LED screen, this kind of cash register with the multi-size screen is rare in the market.


Ports: Well hidden, looks neat

Among all the outer ports of TPS650, only a USB on the side of the machine is visible, all other ports are well hidden, in order to facilitate users to copy the data. TPS650 has only one cable outlet, which makes it looks clean and tidy. It fully considered all the needs of different customers. With a rich variety of outer interfaces, all kinds of peripherals can find a corresponding interface to connect. 

The appearance design of the high-end smart cash register  Telpo TPS650 does bring us a lot of surprises. It turns out that the cash register can be so bright and showy. So how about its hardware performance?


Hardware configurations: Dual systems, strong compatibility

For TPS650 cash register, you can choose an Android system or Windows system considering two systems with two different hardware in the design, we make compatibility design. This is particularly rare with the level of the cash register in the market. On the CPU configuration, the Android version is Cortex-A17 quad-core 1.8GHz, using mainstreamRK3288 scheme.
TPS650’s memory is also quite satisfactory. With RAM2GB NAND, FLASH 8GB, it can be extended to 16GB. The configurations like these are enough to run the data for cashier and food ordering software used.

TPS650 in Windows version basically matches the existing windows cash register configuration. We can customize the windows configuration according to the different needs of users. Not talk in words here. We evaluate and talk the Android version today.


On the way of communication, TPS650 can be said to be completely consistent with the trend. It supports all 4G network. This cash register can be used as a tablet. And now cash register supports all 4G network should be few and far between. This configuration takes into account the new retail format, the integration of shops online and offline, communication must be diversified and real-time data uploading, in order to make new retail more intelligent. TPS650 also supports WiFi. Most of the stores have their own WiFi, so it can make full use of shop communication resources. While TPS650 also supports Bluetooth and external Bluetooth speakers, which is nice to have some music.


Finally, let’s talk about the printer. Generally speaking, the traditional cash register is an external ticket printer, it not only occupies space but also needs to connect wire.TPS650 cash register integrated with the built-in thermal printer, it does not occupy the counter space, but also tidy. You can select the 80mm thermal printer paper width or 58mm paper width.TPS650 is also considered the application for different size printer to make a mold. So there’s one more option for users. It has to say, in order to make this hugely popular register, Telpo has spent a lot of thought in the design. TPS650 cash register’s built-in printer speed is 80mm/ second and supports semi-automatic cut or fully automatic cut. Its roll diameter is up to 50mm. It’s also very convenient to make paper replacing.

Operation experience:

It takes 34S to turn on Telpo TPS650 cash register and its touch-screen response is normal, the browser opening speed is normal, app opening speed is normal and there’s no obvious delay.  


Evaluation Conclusion:

Telpo TPS650 cash register is a smart cash register with excellent design and workmanship. It is positioned more accurately in the middle and high-end one. And the hardware configuration and performance can meet the needs of application requirements of merchants. The cash register is excellent at compatibility. Screen sizes, printer sizes, and even operating systems are optional. Telpo TPS650 as smart cashier of Generation 5 reflects the concept of customization and merchants can customize different configurations flexibly according to their own needs. It is indeed the fifth generation representative of cash registers. In the new retail era, stores should consider the online and offline and device intelligence.TPS650 is a good choice of smart cash registers.   


Telpo TPS650 smart cash register 5.0, started a smart register new era!


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Brief Introduction: Telpo is a professional smart payment partner who mainly provides the EFT-POS, cash registers, biometric device, face recognition machines, self-service kiosks, and bus validators. Telpo has served for more than 1000 customers abroad, including government, banks, Telecom operators, police station, Retail shops, and office. Telpo adheres to R&D and innovation, aiming to provide more intelligent hardware for global partners.

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