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Smart Catering Upgrade, Voice Order Kiosk Are Coming

Dec. 09, 2019

In the catering industry, the development of technology can be perceived. From online and offline take-out delivery, mobile phone queuing, scanning code order, self-service ordering machine to face payment, we gradually experience the convenience and efficiency brought by technology to the catering industry.

Smart Catering Voice Order Kiosk machine telpo kiosk

But for certain groups, particularly the elderly, these technologies may not necessarily bring them convenience. Luckily, a number of restaurant companies are preparing to apply voice recognition technology to enable voice orders to a wider audience.


It is reported that McDonald acquired a technology company in September to enable voice orders at its Drive-Thru restaurant, allowing customers to make quick and self-served voice orders without getting out of the car. Voice order not only reduces the time customers spend waiting in line to order but also helps merchants save labor costs.

Smart Catering Voice Order Kiosk machine telpo kiosk

McDonald's Drive-Thru restaurant

Similarly, Telpo has also launched a voice ordering self-service kiosk, which allows users to complete the ordering process with the fastest voice interaction by voice input. It is reported that the accuracy of this voice ordering function can reach 95%.


Smart Catering Upgrade, Voice Order Kiosk Are Coming

Telpo self-service kiosk TPS781

In addition, the voice order kiosks used in Burger King are exactly produced by Telpo. Customers can simply say their favorite dish such as "Fried Popcorn Chicken", "Chicken Burger" and other dishes, the voice order kiosk can automatically match them and complete the ordering. The voice order kiosk can not only improve the ordering speed but also to facilitate some people who fail to use the self-service ordering including the elderly and visually impaired.


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