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Telpo TPS900 Solves the Payment Problem in Parking Lots

Sep. 19, 2019

Preface: Parking demand in Africa is rising. However, the traditional model of charging parking fees cannot effectively supervise the fee collectors in Africa, which easily leads to the loss of the parking fee. At the same time, customers cannot find free parking space immediately and real-time information interaction cannot be realized which is not conducive to regulatory services, leading to traffic congestion and road occupation and easy to cause traffic accidents.


In view of this situation, Telpo intelligent POS machine TPS900 is equipped with biological characteristics to expand the way of parking fees in Africa, assisting in the intelligent management of parking lots in Africa.

 Telpo TPS900 Solves the Payment Problem in Parking Lots

Easily Guide the Vehicle to Find the Parking Space

Telpo POS machine TPS900 supports GPRS positioning function, which can easily guide the vehicle to find the parking space. The owner can grasp the vacant information of road parking space in real-time, and integrate the information of public parking spots on the roadside, guiding the vehicle to quickly find the vacant parking space. It improves the quality of car lifting service and saves the time of car owners looking for parking space.

Outfitted with Multiple Payment Methods 

Equipping with biometric function, it supports multiple payment methods such as face payment, fingerprint payment, QR Code payment, and NFC, IC and magnetic stripe cards payment. More importantly, it obtains EMV, PCI, PayWave, PayPass, MIR, RUPAY financial certification and CE, FCC, RoHS and so on certification, further ensure payment security.

Automatically Calculate the Parking Fee

When the driver enters the parking lot, toll area control officer will carry a handheld smart POS terminal to register the car plate number and take a car picture. When the driver needs to pick up the car, smart POS terminal will automatically divide the region and parking time so as to calculate the cost driver should pay for. In this way, an artificial calculation error will be avoided. And the driver will get the invoices at the same time. Collected parking and charging information will be transmitted to the management center in real-time through the wireless 3G network.

Clear Charging Data and Accounts for easy data analysis

The smart POS terminal TPS900 makes clear charging data and accounts, greatly improve the level of parking management and increase the income of parking management operators, reducing the management cost. What’s more, it supports analyzing vehicles parking condition in the whole city through data, which will establish the road parking condition layer on the electronic map and provide the urban static traffic management information for the intelligent traffic command system.

Because the general parking lot covers a large area, the number of cars is large, and the general car is not easy to move. Once a problem occurs, it is very tricky. The smart POS TPS900 can effectively alleviate the parking problem in busy areas and significantly improve traffic congestion in key areas. It will enhance the people's livelihood index and the image and competitiveness of the city, effectively integrate parking resources and improve the utilization rate of parking space, easing the contradiction between supply and demand.


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