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Sydney Considers Facial Recognition As A New Transport Payment

Jul. 18, 2019

As the facial recognition technology rapid development, it gradually integrates into people daily life. Nowadays, cities around the world update their transport systems to let commuters have a convenient and comfortable journey experience, some of them plan to apply facial recognition to the transport system as an alternative payment method.


  Sydney considers facial recognition as a new transport payment

Sydney is an example.

In a speech reported by IT News, NSW transport minister Andrew Constance suspected that Sydney commuters would use their face instead of ditching their physical Opal card to pay for the public transport one day. And that day will appear in the not too distant future.

Sydney considers facial recognition as a new transport payment

Adopting facial recognition strengthens transport experience

Hoping to bring customers no more gate barriers but a smooth journey, the minister had considered the smiling to pay as a new payment method. He imaged that commuters who‘ve opted in and linked their Opal account could be scanned by the facial recognition technology in the transport space.

 Sydney considers facial recognition as a new transport payment

Using facial recognition releases traffic burden 

Most importantly, the use of facial recognition could help NSW deal with a public transport system bursting at the seams, with the networking witnessing a 4.7 percent increase in patronage a year.


Finding a perfect facial recognition machine should be the next step

Making a plan is the first step and finding an ideal facial recognition machine should be the next step. But that is not a big deal. Telpo could customize a transport ticket validator according to corresponding condition and requirement.

Sydney considers facial recognition as a new transport payment

Telpo transport ticket validator TPS530 could install facial recognition technology.

As the top one face payment terminal supplier, Telpo had already provided ODM service for 20 years. Its smart transport ticket validator TPS530 could install facial recognition technology according to certain requirement, enable customers to free their hands and enjoy a no barrier journey. And its small size enables easily be installed at the bus and not occupy too much space, keeping enough space for customers. What’s more, it could also add value service like the Telpo cloud-a remote management application. Once the machine activates its GPS function, the transportation monitor could know the position of every bus, therefore further judge the traffic condition. 


Comparing with cards and mobile phone such as traditional payment ways, it seems that Sydney is already looking to go further. And let us embrace the facial recognition technology and enjoy smiling to pay.


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