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What Technology Made Chinese New Year So Special In 2021?

Feb. 19, 2021

For Chinese, Spring Festival is the most important holiday for family reunion. However, everything make different in 2021. There were nearly 100 million Chinese people choose to stay at the city where they work so as to alleviate the pressure of epidemic prevention and control.


Against the backdrop, some newfangled methods to celebrate the Spring Festival holiday appeared, helping people experience the atmosphere of reunion and made the Chinese New Year so special. What are those special ways of celebration or new-style phenomenon? Let’s take a look.

Cloud Spring Festival Gala


Ever since its debut over two decades ago, the Spring Festival Gala has developed into an occasion that most Chinese find it hard to ignore. This year, the Spring Festival Gala use AR technology, cloud video, cloud interactive forms so as to connect the Chinese all over the world and on-site actors. Audience can stay at their residence with a phone to enjoy the cloud Spring Festival Gala and scan the QR code to join in the red packet lucky draw.

Smart terminals and Technology In 2021

Smart terminals and Technology In 2021 

Intelligent "Niu" robots gather AR scenes to make the whole Gala lively and full of technological.

Cloud New Year


The Spring Festival is the time for Chinese people to ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year, express their love to their relatives or friends and then enhance mutual affection and friendship. This year, as many people stay put during the Spring Festival, young Chinese chose to make New Year greeting online. Some of them recorded a New Year video, reunion via video call, some wrote blessing character, or grab red envelopes at the WeChat group, etc.  

Smart terminals and Technology In 2021

Send blessings through video and voice, and red envelope cover can also be customized.

Local Trip


In response to avoid the unnecessary travel, increasing people turn their eye to travel within their city, giving a rise to a new phenomenon of local trip. Hotels become clock-in attractions. During the Spring Festival, local trip bookings on the travel platform increased by more than 660% year on year. Hotel play, scenic spots and cloud travel directly boosted the price of e-sports hotels and pet homestay rooms by 30%-100%.

K17 Self service Check-in the Hotel In 2021?

K17 Self service Check-in the Hotel

body temperature monitoring in hotels In 2021

TPS680T can be used for close-range body temperature monitoring in hotels

Online Catering


According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Commerce (MOC), China online catering sales surging 135% compared with the Spring Festival holiday last year as more Chinese people ordered ready-to-eat meals through e-commerce or online food delivery platforms. The number of people who eat New Year’s Eve dinner on their own or bundle together for Spring Festival promote the sales of products related to Lunar New Year's Eve dinners increased by 54.9% year-on-year.

Health Code


Earlier in February, 2020, China has introduced health code as a digital anti-epidemic measures in response to ensure safety work resumption and orderly flow of personnel. For cooperation with the epidemic work, health code can be seen everywhere at China nowadays. People need to display their health code at the entrance of supermarket, shopping mall, cinema and so on public places, treated as a convenient and safe proof for identification and health status.

Health checking terminal In 2021

Scanner TPS508 Quickly identify QR-code 

Inspired by the needing of fast and accurate health code verification, Telpo specifically launched health code verification scanner TPS508. Personnel only need to display their health code in front of the scan window of the health code verification terminal, and then relevant data will be uploaded to the platform and the verification results will be displayed. In this way, staff can quickly and accurately identify the reality of health code and complete the electronic collection of health code.


Distance cannot influence family affection. As long as the hearts together, that is reunion. The cloud Spring Festival Gala, cloud new year, online catering, local trip, health code made the 2021 Chinese New Year more special, meaningful and safer.

 Telpo smart terminal family in 2021

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