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Telpo Contactless Electronic Thermometer Solution Hepls Multi-scene Epidemic Prevention

Mar. 27, 2020

High fever is one of the main symptoms of covid19. How to effectively screen the temperature of floating personnel is an urgent demand. Based on security and privacy, Telpo developed a multi-scene contactless electronic thermometer solution.

Telpo contactless electronic thermometer solution realizes multi-scene applications of contactless temperature measurement, high-temperature alarm, self-service checkout, and self-service check-in in an accurate, efficient, convenient, safe and intuitive way. It will help people in all walks of life to quickly discover hyperthermia person, reduce contact infection risk, and quickly take measures to prevent the flow of people with a high fever.

Telpo Contactless Electronic Thermometer Solution Hepls Multi-scene Epidemic Prevention

Solution Highlights

Contactless Temperature Detection

The temperature sensor will contactless detect human forehead temperature, and temperature range up to 30° - 45°

Blackbody Calibration

The blackbody characteristic is used for temperature calibration to reduce environmental impact on temperature measurement accuracy. The temperature error is only ±0.3

High Temperature Warning

Adopting infrared thermography detects body temperature. Once a high temperature is detected, the warning mode will be activated.


Unified Data Management

Data management platforms will be provided, and managers can real-time check and monitoring data and timely report abnormal situation.

Multi-Scene Epidemic Prevention

Telpo temperature measurement family can provide a variety of products for selection and eight interface languages. There are wall-mounted, gate, stand-alone and desktop bracket installation methods, satisfying different scenarios requirement.

Telpo Contactless Electronic Thermometer Solution Hepls Multi-scene Epidemic Prevention

Solution Introduction

Telpo adopts cloud computing, big data, AI technology and other tools to launch scenario-based temperature measurement solutions. In virtue of infrared thermal imaging technology and the blackbody calibration method, the Telpo temperature measurement family is built. It is conducive to promote bus, customs, hotel, restaurant, retail and other scenes for temperature detection.

Office Access Control& Attendance +Temperature Measurement

Telpo smart access control& attendance and temperature measurement terminal TPS980T able to detect body temperature within 0.7 meters. It is good to reduce close contact and realize 24-hour temperature measurement. When abnormal body temperature is found, a real-time voice warning is started, which will help the company quickly measure and select employees with abnormal body temperature. An employee can use their staff card and enter the company directly after body temperature detected is normal. And external visitors can scan visitor permission QR code, and then conduct forehead temperature detection through an infrared camera. The data can be uploaded in real-time for monitoring at any time.

Bus Payment + Temperature Measurement

Telpo smart bus validator TPS530 with a temperature measurement module can automatically retrieve passengers' heads and lock their forehead area for multi-point temperature measurement. The device can complete temperature detection in 1 second, display temperature information in the display, and the digital audio speaker will inform the driver of the body condition of the passenger. Abnormal temperature data will be sent back to the platform synchronously, which is reliable for traffic tracing. As it supports electronic payment, thus contactless payment + contactless temperature measurement in the bus will effectively reduce human contact and cross-infection risk between passengers and bus drivers.

Telpo Contactless Electronic Thermometer Solution Hepls Multi-scene Epidemic Prevention

Smart bus validator TPS530 with temperature measurement module

Customs Security + Temperature Measurement

Telpo electronic thermometer TPS980T adopts non-contact temperature measurement and high-temperature warning technology. It will detect high fever personnel at second speed and display body temperature information in display in real-time. Once high fever is detected, red indicator light will be displayed and alarm mode will be activated. And normal body temperature will show green indicator light and allow access. It will not only reduce cross-infection risks but also increases traffic efficiency by more than 10 times and save time and reduce congestion.

Hotel Check-In + Temperature Measurement 

Telpo self-service check-in kiosk TPS717 is equipped with a temperature measurement module to realize self-service check-in and temperature detection. When temperature detected is normal, the home screen will display a self-service login interface, and residents can conduct identity authentication and get room cards by themselves according to the operation instructions. With simple operation, residents can complete the process of check-in and obtain room cards by themselves, effectively avoid personal contact. The customer screen will show epidemic prevention and security propaganda content or hotel information, achieving hotel check-in and epidemic publicity work go on simultaneously.

Telpo Contactless Electronic Thermometer Solution Hepls Multi-scene Epidemic Prevention

 Self-service check-in kiosk TPS717 is equipped with temperature measurement module.

Hospital Appointment + Temperature Measurement

Telpo self-service registration kiosk TPS716 adopts an infrared camera and temperature measurement algorithm to detect the patient's temperature and preliminarily judge a patient's physical condition. The patient can get number in the registration kiosk according to the operation, or make an appointment in advance on the Internet. They will obtain registration QR code. After arriving at the hospital and successfully check the temperature, they can display that QR code in front of the scanning window of the self-service registration kiosk. Successfully sign-in will be made, and they can get a number receipt and wait for station-to-station and consultation.

Visit Registration + Temperature Measurement

Telpo visitor registration terminal TPS680 combines with identity identification and temperature detection function. It will guarantee visitors can get permission to enter and leave the company only when they possess normal temperature and successful identification verification. The visitor registration terminal will greatly reduce epidemic prevention and control personnel workload and improve inspection and traffic efficiency.

Telpo Contactless Electronic Thermometer Solution Hepls Multi-scene Epidemic Prevention

Visitor registration terminal TPS680 combines with identity identification

Catering Retail +Temperature Measurement

Telpo self-service checkout kiosk TPS750 with temperature module is able to achieve self-service shopping, self-service scanning, self-service checkout and temperature detection scene applications. The only temperature detected is normal can the customer unlock the self-service checkout interface. This behavior will ensure security and reduce the risk of infection.

Telpo Contactless Electronic Thermometer Solution Hepls Multi-scene Epidemic Prevention

Self-service checkout kiosk TPS750 with temperature module 

Solution Advantages

For personnel, multi-scene contactless temperature measurement will reduce human contact time and protect personal privacy.

For managers, they can in virtue of background data to check and monitoring data, timely report abnormal situation and further reduce management risk. 

For enterprises, they can save labor costs and transportation costs as a variety of installation for selection. And it can protect data privacy and corporate interests.

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Company Introduction: Telpo is solidly located in the smart terminal industry forefront as it sticks to technology-driven and market demand-oriented. With keen market insight, Telpo has developed smart payment, smart community, smart retail, smart restaurant, face recognition temperature measurement, government election, and other scene applications to build a "cloud + terminal" brand and complete solution.

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