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New Product | Countertop Temperature Monitoring Terminal

May. 12, 2020

With the resumption of work and study is coming, the requirements of single-person or multiple person temperature monitoring can be seen obviously increased. However, there are some disadvantages that exist in the market common temperature monitoring terminal, including low efficiency, long queue, close contact, insecurity, and so on, which fail to satisfy accurate, efficient and safe temperature monitoring demand.

For meeting different scene requirements on real-time detecting different numbers of people temperature, Telpo specially launched countertop temperature monitoring terminal TPS680T and TPS680TPro, which support single person/multiple people dynamic temperature measurement. Both of them can identify personnel identity at a far distance and improve traffic efficiency.

 New Product | Countertop Temperature Monitoring Terminal

Dynamic Temperature Monitoring, Accurate and Efficient


Supported by four cutting-edge technologies, face recognition technology+ mask detection technology+ thermography technology +liveness detection technology, Telpo countertop temperature monitoring terminal TPS680T can one-stop achieve face recognition dynamic temperature monitoring, thermography accurate temperature monitoring, mask detection, local language voice broadcasting, high-temperature warning and so on applications.

In addition, it can also be equipped with a signature pad, NFC/ ID card reader, TPA150 QR code scanner, passport OCR reader and other devices to simultaneously realize dynamic temperature monitoring and identity verification. It is suitable for human witness comparison, visitor registration, temperature monitoring, and other scenarios.

New Product | Countertop Temperature Monitoring Terminal


Perfect Combination, Better Performance


Countertop temperature monitoring device TPS680T+ temperature screening thermography camera V50 + Telpo Cloud monitor platform can form a complete temperature monitoring system. Far distance dynamic multi-person accurate temperature detection will be supported by temperature screening thermography camera and real-time body temperature several will be displayed at the HD TPS680T screen. At the same time, temperature error will be controlled within ±0.3℃.

Once the high temperature is detected, the countertop temperature monitoring device TPS680T will automatically alarm and mark personnel label on the screen, people with fever can be seen clearly and immediately. In addition, data will be uploaded to the platform synchronously, which can facilitate data tracing and timely find the suspected person and close contact person.

Telpo countertop temperature monitoring terminal can not only provide temperature detection during epidemic prevention but also can be used for a long time in a variety of authentication, visitor registration and other scenarios. Supported by cutting-edge technology, it can effectively improve security and identification efficiency, and ensure user experience and social security.

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Company Introduction: Telpo is solidly located in the smart terminal industry forefront as it sticks to technology-driven and market demand-oriented. With keen market insight, Telpo has developed smart payment, smart community, smart retail, smart restaurant, face recognition temperature measurement, government election, and other scene applications to build a "cloud + terminal" brand and complete solution.

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