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New Product | Telpo Digital Self-Service Checkout Kiosk

Mar. 25, 2020

In recent years, the self-service checkout kiosk has become a new scene in retail and supermarket checkout areas. Technological innovation drives new shopping experience of offline shopping and online payment. In order to better integrate online and offline advantages, Telpo launched digital self-service checkout machine TPS750, with advanced technology and terminal to improve business level, increase quality customers and promote further development and expansion.

New Product | Telpo Digital Self-Service Checkout Kiosk

Clever Design, Simple Operation

Telpo digital self-service checkout kiosk TPS750 adopts advanced high pixel and high precision capacitive touch screen, which supports multiple fingers simultaneously operate screen. It has strong environmental adaptability, quick response and strong light interference resistance advantages. The 23.8-inch large screen and 1080 * 1920 FHD screen can clearly display content. Simple and clear operation interface is convenient for customers to checkout by themselves. In addition, the scanner and thermal printer are ergonomically designed around the waist, which allow customers need not bend over to scan commodity code, pick up receipt and improve their shopping experience.

New Product | Telpo Digital Self-Service Checkout Kiosk

Diversified Payment Methods, Attract Passenger Flow


Telpo digital self-service checkout kiosk TPS750 supports a variety of payment methods such as QR code payment, face payment, NFC and IC card payment. Importantly, it also supports customized POS which can reduce merchants’ checkout pressure and improve consumers’ payment experience. Precise 1D and 2D scanner with ±65° scanning reading angle is conductive to identify various barcodes and QR code payment code, creating a better scanning sense and top speed experience. Professional 80*80mm thermal printer enables quickly and smoothly print receipts. Fast online payment will reduce customer waiting time.

New Product | Telpo Digital Self-Service Checkout Kiosk

High Tech, Improve Marketing


Telpo digital self-service checkout kiosk TPS750 supports monocular, binocular, 3D structured light camera to accurately recognize face information. It allows register and login member in one second with scanning face information, quickly identify the membership. The checkout kiosk can also assist merchants to mark members' birthdays and display members' exclusive care information. It will help merchants to quickly attract new member, achieve precise marketing and improve members' shopping experience. Perfectly match various promotion activities further stimulate customer second consumption.

New Product | Telpo Digital Self-Service Checkout Kiosk

Strong Expansibility, Rich Scene


Telpo digital self-service checkout kiosk TPS750 supports wall-mounted, floor bracket, checkout counter such installation modes, cleverly meet customer demand and broaden scenes application. Businesses can also use Telpo cloud platform to unified manage kiosks and release promotional activities or product information on the screen. It is suitable to catering, retail, supermarket and other scenarios.

New Product | Telpo Digital Self-Service Checkout Kiosk

Telpo digital self-service checkout kiosk enables customers to scan commodity code, checkout and pay in a self-service way, eliminating queuing process and freeing up one-to-one binding relationship between the cashiers and checkout. It will improve checkout efficiency, save labor cost and increase shopping interest. Besides, it can assist merchants to attract customer flow and reduce manual checkout pressure.


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