Telpo Facial Recognition Thermometer Helps Epidemic Prevention and Control


Currently, novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) becomes a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC), the confirmed case has appeared successively in China, Japan, Korea, France and other counties around the world.


As abnormal body temperature is the main symptom in the early stage of the epidemic, it is necessary to make accurate temperature measurement and early warning in public places to prevent cross-infection between people. In virtue of its mature technology, Telpo combines facial recognition with infrared thermography to realize close range, contactless facial recognition, and temperature detection. Contactless testing is able to greatly reduce the probability of contact infections and detect temperature anomalies in advance.

Telpo Facial Recognition Thermometer Helps Epidemic Prevention and Control

Advanced Technology, Accurate and Efficient  

Telpo facial recognition thermometer adopts multiple AI technology include contactless temperature measurement + mask detection + facial recognition, realizing rapidly identify and sign high fever personnel, locking and identify special personnel and automatic alarm functions. The temperature can be quickly measured within a range of 0.5-0.7m, with an accuracy of ±0.5℃. Those who have an abnormal temperature or not wearing a mask will be detected at sub-second speed, and the thermometer will automatically mark them down and start alarm mode.

Telpo Facial Recognition Thermometer Helps Epidemic Prevention and Control

TPS980T is equipped with thermal imaging thermometer

Based on the accurate thermal imaging temperature measurement, Telpo facial recognition thermometer can detect the forehead temperature and quickly identify the information of the person with a mask. The display screen will reflect the temperature in real-time, making identity and temperature checked simultaneously, which solves the two key problems of accurate temperature monitoring and the identification of people wearing masks.

Telpo Facial Recognition Thermometer Helps Epidemic Prevention and Control

it can achieve accurate and effective temperature measurement.

Contactless Temperature Detection, Intelligent, and Security

Based on the AI algorithm platform, deep learning framework and algorithm model update Telpo facial recognition thermometer can effectively capture human body temperature and face occlusion information, realizing a partial-occluded facial recognition effect. Unauthorized personnel or unqualified temperature personnel fail to pass. Through the face feature coding system, Telpo facial recognition thermometer is capable of analyzing face geometric structure features. Even if personnel wear masks, the personnel recognition rate can also reach more than 99%, which can accelerate passage efficiency, reducing human contact time and improve security.   

Telpo Facial Recognition Thermometer Helps Epidemic Prevention and Control

The upgraded AI algorithm ensures that facial recognition with facemasks is still accurate.

Telpo facial recognition thermometer enables to replacement of manual temperature measurement and personnel information check, making all-weather monitoring and achieve intelligent personnel management, information judgment, data upload, and other functions. This technology can not only reduce the risk of cross-infection but also improve traffic efficiency by more than 10 times, which will save time and reduce congestion. It is suitable for government, customs, airports, railway stations, enterprises, schools, communities, and other crowded public places.

Telpo Facial Recognition Thermometer Helps Epidemic Prevention and Control

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