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CCTV Reported Telpo Facial Temperature Measurement Device Used in Wuhan Community

Apr. 11, 2020

Recently, Chinese companies are gradually returning to normal work and production as the outbreak has improved. However, the epidemic control war is not over yet and we still need to remain vigilant. With significant people flow increase in the city, Wuhan, the worst-affected epidemic area also enhances the optimization of community management. CCTV1 reporter visited Wuhan to experience local epidemic prevention and control work and devices in the Wuhan community.

CCTV Reported Telpo Facial Temperature Measurement Device Used in Wuhan Community

News clip of CCTV Report

It is reported that there are more than 12,000 people live in that community and thousands of them will in and out every day as work resumes. In order to protect residents' life security, it is necessary to cut off infection sources in advance. And the community will make triple checking for in and out personnel. 

Firstly, personnel should provide resume work proof to identify themselves. Second, they need to scan the QR code of epidemic prevention and control work and register their information and get access to the community. Thirdly, residents must check their body temperature through an automatic temperature measurement device, and enter the community after the normal temperature is detected.

CCTV Reported Telpo Facial Temperature Measurement Device Used in Wuhan Community

Telpo facial temperature measurement device TPS980T

And the automatic temperature measurement device reported by CCTV is exactly the Telpo facial temperature measurement device. In virtue of the advantages of non-contact temperature measurement, identity identification and second-level response speed, Telpo facial temperature measurement terminal have been used in communities and public places in the early stage of the epidemic. 

In addition, the Telpo device uses blackbody characteristics and infrared thermal imaging principles for temperature measurement, which reduces the environmental impact on temperature measurement accuracy and control temperature error within 0.3℃. It will effectively reduce temperature error, cut off infection sources in advance and help prevent and control the epidemic.

CCTV Reported Telpo Facial Temperature Measurement Device Used in Wuhan Community

Face recognition and temperature checking solution

It is understood that the biggest highlight of the Telpo facial temperature measurement device is that it can provide a complete temperature measurement solution. Combing with hardware, software and the platform, Telpo can provide different solutions and automatic all-weather monitoring, realizing intelligent personnel management, information judgment, data upload, access control attendance and other functions. Relevant personnel can spot check and monitor data in real-time, report abnormal situations in time and further strengthen prevention and control management.

In the epidemic prevention and control work, Telpo was lucky to contribute their own scientific and technological strength and received CCTV reports and recognition. Telpo will take this as an incentive to continue to improve its research technology and strength, and share with the world China's outstanding anti-epidemic experience and prevention and control device.


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