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Telpo Fiscal POS TPS900 Your Tax-controlled Selection

Aug. 01, 2017

To avoid tax evasion, more and more countries deploy tax-control technology in POS terminal or cash register. Fiscal memory should be installed inside the POS to record transactions. POS with fiscal memory is the solution for payment and tax-control.


Fiscal memory is various in different countries, so handheld POS may not have enough space to install a fiscal memory inside. For example, the following fiscal memory in Russia is big size.


Meanwhile, the taxation bureau will check the data stored in the fiscal memory, so the fiscal memory should be easy to be taken out and re-installed. 

Generally banking POS which can swipe VISA/Master card should be EMV and PCI certified. It’s very hard to maintenance taking out and re-installing fiscal memory due to PCI requirement. 

Thanks to TPS900’s smart industrial design, TPS900 can add a supplementary part to extend functions, such as fingerprint scanner, Iris scanner, laser barcode scanner, physical keypad, fiscal memory, no matter how big size the module is. The supplementary function will be one body together with the POS. 

The following picture shows normal TPS900 and TPS900 with a supplementary part.


We provide an ideal solution for customers who need banking POS with fiscal memory. 


TPS900 is a smart banking POS.

TPS900 is using the high-performance Quad-core processor.

Integrated with 5.5” large screen, Android OS, TPS900 is convinced for user operation.

It supports 4GLTE, 3G WCDMA, WIFI, Bluetooth and Ethernet (when using supplementary part), which satisfied all kinds networks requirements.

It supports 1D/2D barcode scanning which is a convenience for the user to read goods information.


Absolutely, TPS900 is the best solution for banking POS with fiscal memory.

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