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Mar. 31, 2021


To whom it may concern:


We, Telpower Communication Co., Ltd. ( Telpo), who are the reputable manufacturer specialized in the manufacture and development of face recognition products and related solutions, addressed at 5TH FLOOR, BUILDING 5, ZONE A, HANTIAN TECHNOLOGY TOWN, GUIPING ROAD, NANHAI DIST, FOSHAN CITY, GUANGDONG CHINA, hereafter called Telpo, we hereby




Telpo has set up personal information protection and management system and its facial recognition products and management platform are conform to the spirit of GDPR, and personal data encryption will be hosted at AWS’s server located at Frankfurt.


Thus, Privacy Policy only applies to the customer information related to its account: name, job title, phone number, and e-mail address and so on, which are provided on the basis of the principle of voluntary and customers have the right to delete or amend that data. In accordance with the data management policy and rules, Telpo will merely maintain source codes of the management platform, and will not access or process data retained in the platform.


The AWS is equal to a controller when personal data contained at the account information. AWS will provide a GDPR DPA to enable customers to comply with their GDPR contractual obligations. The GDPR data processing terms are part of our Service Terms. These GDPR terms will automatically apply when customers use AWS services to process personal data under GDPR and cover the issue related to the region the Customer selects for AWS to process Customer Data.


In witness thereof, we sign this manufacturer’s declaration in China.


Telpower Communication Co., Ltd.





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