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Telpo Jinggang Mountains Quality-extended Training

Mar. 21, 2017

On 19th March, Telpo Quality-extended Training came to a successful conclusion in the Jinggang Mountains. In the 3-day activity, we experienced the army life in the Jinggang Mountains revolutionary base and studied the Jinggang Mountains spirit. It aimed to promote ourselves physically and mentally quality, as well as spiritually, in order to create more value for our clients and the society in the future work. 


Telpo Jinggang Mountains Quality-extended Training

The Jinggang Mountains city is located in the middle of Jiangxi province by the west, is known as "the cradle of the Chinese revolution" and "the cornerstone of the People's Republic of China".It was established the CPC’s first red revolutionary base areas, and the birthplace of the People’s Liberation Army, the most executive military organization, tax control room

To learn Jinggang Mountains spirits, the Telpo team crossed over 6000 kilometers to Jinggang Mountains and were training under the guidance of instructors with uniforms of the red army. Take a look at this one full of the revolutionary passion of the wonderful fragment: 

We crossed the mountains, and walked through the bamboo forest, along with the stream all the way forward. tax control inflation


Telpo Jinggang Mountains Quality-extended Training

We were strong crossing Jing Zhu creek, climbed steep cliffs, and never leave a wounded soldier. 

Котрольно-кассовая машина


Telpo Jinggang Mountains Quality-extended Training

Our Cooking class fighters were busy in the kitchen. The simplest dish could be the most delicious meals.

Telpo Jinggang Mountains Quality-extended Training


We brainstormed, listened to the advice, and followed the commands to unified the pace. We guarantee the complete the task, even in the storm also insisted.

We jump a rope in the group, walked with the long stick…

Everything seems as impossible at first until we made it eventually. We found us have no imagination of the weak, failed to try again. The challenge is only the beginning, rather than the end.


Through this activity, give us a lot of enlightenment:

Telpo Jinggang Mountains Quality-extended Training

In the new era,  the firm belief that we have to unity, innovation, and maintain a thankful heart.

To customers, we keep honest, serious and responsible;
To the company, we should obey the company development direction;

To work, we should brave to challenge, efficient, earnest careful.

Telpo Jinggang Mountains Quality-extended TrainingTelpo Jinggang Mountains Quality-extended Training


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