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Telpo TPS650-New Commercial Dual-Screen Cash Register (Pay-with-your-face)

Jun. 12, 2018

Telpo TPS650 smart cash register 5.0 is a new commercial dual-screen cash register. Its structure is dual-screen integrated all-in-one design. The main screen is 15.6 inches, resolution 1920 * 1080, customer screen 11.6 inches, resolution 1366 * 768. 

Tips: What is Smart Cash Register 5.0?

Cash register 1.0: mechanical cash register; 

Cash register 2.0: electronic cash register, supporting simple financial management;

Cash register 3.0: commercial cash register, connecting peripherals such as swiping card; 

Cash register 4.0: all-in-one cash register with a touchscreen, supporting complicated inventory management; 

Smart Cash Register 5.0: smart Android cash register, customized + smart cash register, Opening system intelligentized, customizable.

TPS650 supports the dual-screen display. The main screen and the customer screen display different contents synchronously. The customer display has a binocular camera supporting pay-with-your-face/face recognition. The customized TPS650 has a pay-with-your-face function with quad-core CPU, 1.8GHz. It runs fast with high speed and performs stably. 

Telpo TPS650, smart cash register 5.0, won one of the top ten influential brands in the 2016 China POS machine industry and it has been recognized by the industry as a POS cash register.



TPS650, the professional commercial cash register, is independently developed by Telpo. For a self-service cashless scene of new retailing and intelligent catering industry, TPS650 has a binocular camera on the guest screen supporting face recognition, pay-with-your-face and more intelligent methods by precise face recognition positioning to capture biometrics features.



During product development, Telpo considered that there might be illegal behavior, such as taking the 3D masks or printed photos for pay-with-your-face to steal the other’s funds. Based on the mission of being more intelligent for commercial use, POS TPS650 has strengthened the face recognition function of a binocular camera to completely take strict precautions against counterfeiting and stealing. 


Define self-service cash register from 'Core'. Telpo TPS650’s motherboard design adopts industrial program: onboard CPU with RK3288, quad-core 1.8GHz processor. It ensures ECR machineTPS650 works stably and smoothly. 


When a client is swiping the card, he can see how it works from the customer display. Telpo TPS650 is a dual touch screens design (Main screen 15.6 inches+ 11.6 inches). It supports that dual screens show different content synchronously allowing vendors and customers to interact in real-time.


Telpo starts from the customer experience and needs and integrates into the concept of selflessness. It has uniquely designed as "公" shape (Chinese character, which means “just”). Its tri-surface body design, which fully shows the unique charm of the ECR machine TPS650.


There are plenty of peripheral interfaces in TPS650 for major cash register accessories such as external cash drawers, scanners, invoice printers, credit card machines, electronic scales, and routers. E-cashier register TPS650 integrated with different peripherals can be applied for different scenarios such as self-service superstores, self-service shops, self-service cashiers with pay-with-your-face, non-sense payment, and so on.


2018 new dual-screen commercial cash register TPS650 is the high-end fashion. Its industrial motherboard program combining with 2G RAM + 8G FLASH with Android 5.1 system and biometric binocular camera. It fully meets the demand of the market for financial level pay-with-your face and non-sense payment. 


TPS650 dual-screen commercial cash register machine integrates smart cash register 5.0+ face recognition. One TPS650 can meet the need of pay-with-your-face and non-sense payment for self-service supermarkets, restaurants, and self-service checkout counters. It can also be used for visitor registration by face.



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Brief Introduction: Telpo is a professional intelligent terminal provider and ODM service, expert. For more than 20 years, Telpo has provided professional customized intelligent hardware services to more than 1000 customers in 100 countries and regions around the world. It covers POS terminals, biometric cash registers, faces recognition machines, self-service kiosks, bus ticket machines and other products.

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