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Telpo Forehead Thermometer Ensures Industrial Park Activity Successfully Held

Jun. 22, 2020

On June 19, an industrial park held a special environmental protection activity, including a green experience hall, recycle, club recruitment, and other experiential activities. This activity not only responds to the theme of World Environment Day "Time for Nature", but also enriches industrial park employees and nearby citizens daily and cultural life, and enhances their awareness of environmental protection.

Telpo Wrist Thermometer Ensures Industrial Park Activity Successfully Held

However, under anti-epidemic conditions, how to restart citizen activities and safely carry out? The industrial park activity leader gave us the answer, controlling on-site numbers, and adopt a contactless automatic temperature screening device to do well in anti-epidemic work and ensure participant health.

And this time, they adopt Telpo forehead thermometer TPS530T. They believed that Telpo is a well-known brand and its forehead thermometer can improve 3 times passage efficiency. Citizens can stand beside the device and automatically measure their wrist temperature without staff engage in it. And the device will voice broadcast temperature and make staffs better knowledge of citizens’ temperature and master on-site condition.

Telpo Wrist Thermometer Ensures Industrial Park Activity Successfully Held

There is no doubt that traditional temperature measuring gun with slow measuring speed will result in a long queue, which badly affects citizens' moods and enthusiasm to participate in the activities. Further, manual register temperature data will bring a heavy workload to the staff and cause a certain cross-infection risk.

However, staff only needs to guide citizens to make temperature screening after introducing Telpo forehead thermometer, and they can focus on the control and development of on-site activities, greatly reducing their burden and workload.

Thus, what's the magic behind this popular and admiring Telpo forehead thermometer?

Contactless Temperature Screening, Safe and Efficient


The temperature sensor enables contactless and automatic to detect human body temperature. As it supports temperature display, voice broadcast, and high-temperature alarm, staff need not engage it and reduce infection risk. Further, it adopts a global cutting-edge Melexis temperature chip can reach second response speed, which greatly improves passage efficiency.


Blackbody Calibration, Higher Accuracy


Using blackbody characteristics to make temperature calibration and reduce environmental impact on temperature accuracy. It can reach ±0.3℃ accuracy. And the accuracy will not be affected even used at night, and better avoid manual operation errors.

Telpo Wrist Thermometer Ensures Industrial Park Activity Successfully Held

Perfect Communication, Data Tracking


With Wifi, Bluetooth, 4G, and other communication capabilities, it can save temperature data and upload them to the platform in real-time. The manager can spot check and monitor the data in real-time, and control on-site activity and report abnormal situations timely.


Widely Application


It supports plug and play and easily deploy. The vertical and wall-mounted and other installation methods ensure it can be flexibly applied in various application scenes of access control, attendance, visitor management, and temperature measurement services.

Telpo forehead thermometer terminal TPS530T is a contactless, highly sensitive, flexible deployment single point temperature measuring terminal. Besides wrist temperature screening, it can support NFC, QR code such as contactless identity identification. With quickly detect fever personnel and high-temperature alarm capability, it can provide accurate data and strong support for holding anti-epidemic work and other regular activities, better bring benefit to citizens and society.


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