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Temperature Checking And Hand Sanitizer Kiosk Ensure Book Festival Safety Held

Jun. 21, 2020

On June 6-8, Moscow hosted its annual Red Square Book Festival which is also the first mass event held under lockdown restrictions. For safety consideration, the book festival adopted online and offline programs and offline festival participants have to undergo temperature checking, wear gloves and masks, and keep social distancing.

Temperature Checking And Hand Sanitizer Kiosk Ensure Red Square Book Festival Safety Held


It is reported that the Red Square Book Festival is one of the biggest book events in Moscow, the same day coincides with the birthday of Alexander Pushkin and Russian Language Day. The enthusiasm of book and literature lover still burn up even though Moscow not yet lift self-isolation restrictions.


Someone said it might be the signal Moscow release to the outside world that pandemic is under control and city vitality is gradually returning. Actually, besides festival participant confidence and enthusiasm, strictly anti-pandemic control and measures include identity identification temperature checking and hand disinfection is the keys for the organizer to guarantee mass event safety held. 

 Temperature Checking And Hand Sanitizer Kiosk Ensure Red Square Book Festival Safety Held

According to government policy requirements, attendees require additional QR code as well as digital passes to go out during the pandemic. Luckily, Telpo temperature checking and hand sanitizer kiosk can support QR code scanning thus it can identify attendee identification and judge his participation qualification.

Besides, all festival participants can make touch-free temperature checking and hand disinfection through Telpo all-in-one temperature checking and hand sanitizer kiosk. Importantly, it can provide three indicator lights, temperature display and multi-language voice broadcast after detecting participants’ forehead temperature and mask-wearing condition.


And it can support above 26 languages including Russian, Polish, Danish, English, French, etc, and even customized language.

Temperature Checking And Hand Sanitizer Kiosk Ensure Red Square Book Festival Safety Held


In virtue of Telpo Cloud, organizer can uniformly manage temperature data and identity information recorded by the terminal at the platform, quickly trace back to the contact person with the fever, effectively blocking the potential spread of the pandemic. One-stop achieves temperature checking, mask detection and data tracing jobs.


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