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Temperature Measurement Terminal Q&A

Jul. 18, 2020

During the live broadcast, we received some questions about Telpo star product face recognition thermometer TPS980T. Today, we pick up those frequently asked questions (FAQ) and make a Q&A. Let’s take a look.

 Temperature Measurement Terminal Q

Q:What is the best distance for temperature measurement?

A:The best distance is 40-70cm.


Q:Which body part will be detected temperature?

A:It mainly detects forehead temperature. Please place the face on the screen frame.


Q:How long to preheat temperature measurement module?

A:As soon as turn on the device, the temperature measurement module will be preheated, which generally takes 20-30 minutes.


Q:Why can't it detect the temperature?

A:There are some reasons for failing to detect the temperature. You could judge it according to the actual condition.


First, please check whether the device installs “Temperature Services” and its version. You could find it at the Android system setting menu: Settings->app. If “Temperature Services” not be installed, please install it. And version should above V1.1.0_202005071731. 

Temperature Measurement Terminal Q


Second, the temperature measurement module will be preheated as soon as turn on the device. It will generally take 20-30 minutes. During the preheating, there might appear the condition that temperature measurement is not very accurate or fail to detect the temperature. It’ll be fine when preheat is over.

Third, please check whether the measurement distance is 40-70 cm.

Fourth, please accurately place the face on the screen frame.

Fifth, please keep your forehead steady and don't shake your head.

Sixth, please install the device vertically. Don’t place it straightly toward the sun, it will affect the device. And not install it in a backlight environment.


Q: Whether the device should be calibrated?

A: The device had been calibrated before shipment. Generally speaking, you need not calibrate it again. If there are some special reasons to calibrate it, please contact and follow Telpo engineer’s guide.


Q: Why does it appear noise while displaying temperature?

A: Please check whether the device installs Google TTS. If not, it is better for you to install it, here is the download link:


After installing, you should configure it. Below is the step to configure Google TTS.

Open the Android settings menu, choose Language & Input, and then select the menu “Text-to-speed output”. Last, click “Google Test-to-speech Engine”

Temperature Measurement Terminal Q


If you still have any questions want to learn about Telpo temperature measurement devices or software and solution, you could join in our live broadcast.


On this live broadcast, we will tell you how to distinguish Telpo a series of temperature measurement devices and how they work. Importantly, we will make online Q&A interaction. Everything you hope to know will be answered in real-time. If you are interested in it, welcome to join us.   

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