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Temperature Screening Solution Guard Against Second COVID Wave

Nov. 05, 2020

COVID-19 is one kind of coronavirus with obvious seasonal characteristics. As the temperature drops recently, global COVID continues to grow and the new confirmed cases worldwide reach a new record again. The data indicate that the world is about to enter a second COVID wave.


Temperature Screening Solution Guard Against Second COVID Wave


During the first COVID wave, social distance, mask-wearing and temperature screening are recognized as effective prevention measures. Telpo upgraded temperature screening solutions with rich identification methods and multiple product types and functions, aiming to better assist countries do well in preliminary temperature screening in public areas with high efficiency and safety.  


Face Recognition


Support 1:1 and 1: N face comparison and liveness detection with up to 99.8% face recognition accuracy and 3w face library. Importantly, face recognition temperature screening terminal is in line with GDPR to protect personal privacy information.


Temperature Screening Solution Guard Against Second COVID Wave

Mask Detection


It can effectively detect and judge whether personnel is wearing a mask. If not, voice alerts of wearing masks will be activated to notice those who are not wearing masks. Besides, it also able to recognize personnel identification even people wear a mask.


Temperature Screening Solution Guard Against Second COVID Wave

Non-contact Body Temperature Screening


Forehead temperature or wrist temperature is supported. There are single person/ multi-person temperature measurement device and IP66 outdoor temperature measurement terminal for selection. All temperature measurement terminal can detect body temperature in seconds with ±0.3℃ accuracy. Once high temperature is detected, alarm will be started. And data can be reported in real time.

Temperature Screening Solution Guard Against Second COVID Wave

NFC+QR Code Scanning Identification


Besides swiping face, it can support NFC card and HID card, QR code scanning identification so as to achieve human comparison, card access control(C-AC), card attendance as well as visitor QR code registration and management. Once temperature screening is normal, personnel can enter the area.



TTS Voice Broadcast


Built-in dual loudspeakers empower TTS voice broadcast, which can real time transfer text to natural voice flow and achieve voice broadcast and voice alert. Multiple languages and multiple language versions can be provided.


Temperature Screening Solution Guard Against Second COVID Wave

Multiple Solutions


Online version, offline version, local network version, Telpo middleware, and development version those software and platform modals can be provided. Once deployed, it can be put into use quickly and greatly improve efficiency. APK can also be provided for secondary development.


Global Certificate


The global certificate includes CE, RoHS, FCC, Telec, KC, BIS, Anatel, etc better ensure the high quality. And there is wall-mounted, stand-alone, gate brackets for selection. More global certificate can be satisfied if there is a special demand.


As an emerging epidemic prevention device, the temperature screening terminal has been applied in many industries by virtue of its unique advantageous functions and scene solutions. Telpo multi-type temperature screening solution can realize accurate and efficient temperature screening and identity identification, which is widely recognized and favored by the market.


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