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The 2018 World Cup Russian Subway can use Alipay to Buy Tickets

Jun. 09, 2018


The 2018 World Cup is held in Russia from June 14th to July 15th. A large number of Chinese tourists come to watch it. After arriving abroad, taking public transportation has become a major problem. One is a language barrier, and the other is exchange rate and cash use. The Alipay official announced that at present, the Russian subway has already supported Alipay to buy tickets. With a simple sweep, it is possible to make payments easily and there is no need to worry about the problem of not carrying cash.


Alipay Landing Russia Subway

Currently, Alipay has covered five subway stations on the Central Moscow, including Luzhnyi Base Station, Izmailovo Station, Business Center Station, Locomotive Station, and Gagarin Plaza Station. Moreover, in order to facilitate Chinese tourists, each subway station also has a special ticket reminder for buying tickets in Chinese. Users only need to scan the QR code generated by a special device and pay, and do not have to read Russian to obtain tickets easily.


Shop with Alipay in Russia

In addition, in order to welcome the World Cup Chinese tourists, more than 4,000 local transportation and shopping centers in Russia also support Alipay. In the Moscow Central Department Store TSUM, the National Department Store GUN, the St. Petersburg Leningrad Trade Building DTL and other shopping malls support Alipay shopping settlement This function greatly facilitates the consumption and travel of Chinese tourists in Russia. The Alipay Logo, which is widely seen in major Russian shopping malls, also allows the world to see the strong purchasing power and economic strength of Chinese tourists.


WeChat Pay also comes!

The WeChat Pay Payment system begins to be used in the Russian market, which is currently only available to Chinese citizens in Russia. Russia’s “Kommersant” reported on the 6th that Chinese tourists in Russia can use WeChat to pay for consumer payments with a total amount of no more than 2,500 rubles (about 200 yuan), as well as payment of transportation fees, ordering and other services. When applying for registration, you need to show your Chinese passport and a credit card registered in China. Representatives of the Central Department Store in Moscow stated that the mall plans to start using the WeChat payment system in the near future, and Russian Foreign Trade Bank and Russian Standard Bank are also studying the possibility of cooperation with WeChat payment.



UnionPay payment is most common in Russia

Before the World Cup in Russia in 2018, the acceptance rate of UnionPay cards accepted by local ATMs and merchant POS terminals will further increase to 90%. Host cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, and Volgograd will basically implement UnionPay card accessibility. Airline companies such as Aeroflot and Siberia Airlines also provide UnionPay card payment services. Payment is very convenient at the World Cup in Russia.

Add a cash register system that supports "Chinese payment"

In the trend, Russian people embrace the "Chinese style" payment. Of course, to fully access China's large-scale popular mobile payment methods, many countries will choose the more mature Chinese intelligent hardware manufacturers, eliminating the need for cross-docking. 

Telpo intelligent hardware customization products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, and have abundant domestic and foreign product custom development and manufacturing experience, which can meet the needs of overseas companies.


With a large number of Chinese tourists entering Russia, it is particularly necessary to use bank card spending, Alipay/WeChat and other code scan payment functions. Many Russian companies have already customized through Telpo procurement to comply with Russian tax registration regulations and comply with the Internet visa, master, and UnionPay. Smart POS support cross-border credit card function. In addition, there is also a smart cash register with a barcode payment collection function and a printable invoice. The most popular one is the TPS900 intelligent POS machine and the smart cash register TPS650 .


Telpo Smart POS machine TPS900 can realize cross-border credit card reader


Smart Mini Cash Register TPS575 is also launched.
TPS575 stays the low-cost price and reliable quality but adds the software decoding camera and small dot-matrix LCD, which for showing customer information. 



Using the software decoding camera will give you an advantage of no cash payment convenience, like the cell phone's QR code payment. Or you could directly use a cell phone to scan the small second screen's QR code content.



TPS575 is the best choice to upgrade your old-fashion terminal to the new generation.

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In this feast that belongs to fans all over the world, the Chinese team could not participate, but China’s high-quality products and advanced technology support the heroes in each arena and provide more delightful and relaxed for each audience ”A World Cup Tour."





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