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Telpo Helps You Lead The Era of Self-service Vending Machine 2.0

Sep. 29, 2018

 Self-service Vending Machine 2.0

Self-service vending machines is not a new thing in the city, but they have not been popular since entering China in the 1990s. In the past year, there have been signs of recovery, from bottled drinks to bagged snacks, from anti-mite masks to non-prescription drugs. Metro, shopping malls, parks, they are everywhere. 

Recently it appeared a digital accessories self-service vending machine, mainly selling mobile digital accessories, such as charging treasure, selfie stick, data lines and so on. Because of the affordable price, they have been popularized in some cities.

smart controller

All kinds of self-service vending machines

The earliest self-service vending machines were coin-operated, to use coins or 80% new banknotes sales were limited. With the maturity of mobile payment and the popularity of big data technology, self-service vending machines also ushered in “evolution”. Nowadays, it has been changed to scan code payment, which is more convenient and quick. What is more, the self-service vending machine is no longer simply selling finished products, now freshly ground coffee and freshly squeezed juice can be sold through unmanned vending machines, which is even more open-minded - Hot soup noodles’ also "entered" self-service vending machines.

 Telpo Helps You Lead The Era of Self-service Vending Machine 2.0

Freshly ground coffee machine

If the traditional self-service vending machine that relies on coin-operated products is called version 1.0, then the intelligently-grown, freshly squeezed drinks, and the uncooked hot-cooked soup noodle machines can be said to be upgraded to version 2.0, becoming a pioneer of new retail restaurant industry.

Telpo Helps You Lead The Era of Self-service Vending Machine 2.0

Self-service sale noodle shop

The appeal of the freshly squeezed orange juice vending machine is that the entire process of pressing the oranges is clearly visible. Through the transparent glass window, you can see that there are fresh oranges in it. After the payment is completed, the machine automatically completes the process of integrating juice, cupping and capping. In less than 30 seconds, a glass of fresh orange juice is squeezed.

smart controller

Freshly squeezed orange juice machine

Compared with freshly squeezed orange juice, the coconut green self-service vending machine is a relatively small risk. One coconut green is refrigerated in the machine, there is no juice extraction program, and the machine works only to make a hole in the coconut.

In the self-service vending machine, there is a high-performance industrial control box.

smart controller

Telpo smart controller TPS400 adopts embedded microprocessor, which can meet a variety of new retail forms and new retail scenes. It is flexible and versatile and is widely used in intelligent hardware control such as smart logistics, unmanned retail stores, self-service pick-up containers, smart express cabinets, etc. It can transmit goods inventory, payment information, customer consumption and other data to the background in a high speed and stable manner.

smart controller

As a low-power multi-functional industrial computer, Telpo smart controller TPS400 has stable and reliable performance, integrates rich peripheral interfaces to meet the access requirements of different devices, and locates new retail, while extending to intelligent security, smart travel, In the field of smart cinema and other industries, explore more potential for smart hardware development.

smart controller

Self-service sales, nothing is impossible. Telpo helps you lead the era of self-service vending machine 2.0.

Telpo Helps You Lead The Era of Self-service Vending Machine 2.0

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