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The European E-commerce Platform Supports UnionPay Cards

Oct. 09, 2016

PayPal reached a cooperation with China UnionPay recently, people can use China UnionPay credit &debit cards in future for Europe E-commerce platform transaction through the Braintree platform of Paypal. 

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UnionPay Cards Payment

European merchants can recognize UnionPay credit & debit card quickly through Braintree. "It can be used smoothly after a simple registration, "Braintree said in the blog.


In the international market, not only Ali Alipay has won worldwide attention, UnionPay expansion and strategic deployment have made gratifying results.


Alipay and China UnionPay has become the two payment method for American and European merchants touch with Chinese consumers. UnionPay is treated as the fastest growing bank in the world due to its smooth development of international expansion. fiscal control functions

UnionPay Cards Payment

Telpo, which is one of the leading POS Terminal manufacturers in China, has rich experiences in the payment terminal. For instance the Linux EFT POS TPS300A and Android EFT POS TPS900.

UnionPay Cards Payment

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Brief Introduction: Telpo is a professional smart payment partner who mainly provides the EFT-POS, cash registers, biometric device, face recognition machines, self-service kiosks, and bus validators. Telpo has served for more than 1000 customers abroad, including government, banks, Telecom operators, police station, Retail shops, and office. Telpo adheres to R&D and innovation, aiming to provide more intelligent hardware for global partners.

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