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Ticket Kiosk Fuels NBA All-Star Game 2020

Feb. 23, 2020

The NBA All-Star Game is a tournament between the Eastern and Western Conferences, in which the best players from each team able to showcase their offensive talents. The 2020 NBA All-Star Game will be run on Feb.16 at United Center in Chicago. 

Ticket Kiosk Fuels NBA All-Star Game 2020

Since the first All-Star Game took place in 1951, in which the Eastern All-Stars team defeated the Western All-Stars team by a score of 111–94. The great success of the game attracted an unprecedented amount of loyal fans and born the NBA traditions.


As the league's vice president of intellectual property and assistant general counsel, Mike Potenza said, the enthusiasm of fans greatly enhances the difficulty to purchase the NBA All-Star ticket and further empowers the scalpers on the street peddling counterfeit tickets or online vendors pushing scam tickets.


Ticket Kiosk Fuels NBA All-Star Game 2020

However, the consequence of getting a counterfeit ticket means fans, unfortunately, will be turned away at the NBA All-Star door even though they buy highly expensive tickets. How to protect NBA All-Star fans right and interest is a premier issue NBA faces right now.


There are mainly two kinds of NBA All-Star tickets. One is the electric ticket, another is a paper ticket. Under such conditions, a ticket kiosk that able to scan barcode and print the paper ticket like Telpo ticket kiosk TPS715 is crucial which will greatly help those fans who forget to print the electric ticket and fail to enter the NBA All-Star stadium.

Ticket Kiosk Fuels NBA All-Star Game 2020


Telpo ticket kiosk TPS715 is a new self-ticketing terminal that allows fans to scan their barcode at their confirmation emails and obtain the paper ticket as the entry credentials by themselves. The self-ticketing terminal will eradicate counterfeit ticket conditions and protect the right and interests of fans.


An amazing and wonderful memory of the NBA All-Star Game should start by getting a valuable NBA All-Star ticket.


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