Digital Ticket Validator with Printer Drives Cashless Bus Service


Digitizing the bus service seems inevitable. On the concern of potential virus spread among cash transaction, Africa, India, Southeast Asian and so on countries try hard to accelerate the deployment of cashless fare collection across bus services.   

Digital Ticket Validator with Printer Drives Cashless Bus Service

Deployment of cashless fare collection across bus services

It was reported that Kenya passengers can enter a code on their phone and then deduct the debit on their wallet, which can be instantly seen by drivers and grant access to ride. And Delhi allows commuters to scan the QR code during travel on a mobile app and then pay by it.


No matter in which way, those methods both allow customers to enjoy a cashless fare collection service via a device already in their hand and worry-free forgetting to take a paper ticket and potential danger besides cash payment. Besides, digitizing the bus service can also be seen as a friendly and close precaution measure, which will certainly promote passengers’ goodwill towards the public transport sector.


As the time-honored public transportation, bus service is the common travel way people will choose. Thus passengers might have specific requirements on it. Driven by the mission of creating a colorful future life, Telpo updated its ticket validator TPS530 attached with ticket printer as so to satisfy passengers cashless fare collection and potential demand on the ticket evidence.

Digital Ticket Validator with Printer Drives Cashless Bus Service

Mobile Digital Validator in Bus

Passengers only need to present their payment code in front of the QR code ticketing scanner, which will automatically accept the fare. And then, the attached ticket printer will print the receipt in real-time. In addition, the ticket validator retains the original NFC card function, which is convenient for passengers who are accustomed to paying by bus cards.


Ticket Validator Boost Bus Rapid Transport System

Digital ticket validator TPS530 attached with ticket printer.

Technology drives revolution and innovation empowers change. Everyone looks forward to a wonderful life, and ticket validator plus ticket printer ensure safe travel experience and provide required receipt evidence, further push the digitization and humanization of bus service.


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