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Tourist Self-service Ticketing in Scenic Spots

May. 13, 2019

In the past, tourists wasted time to buy tickets and queued for manual ticketing to enter the scenic spot. Not only affects ticket sales, but also leaving a bad experience for the tourists. It has improved the development of the mobile Internet. Tourists can book scenic tickets in advance through the APP online. But it is still necessary to go to the scenic spot for ticket redemption. If the tourists who bought the ticket online and the one purchase ticket offline are queued together for the ticket purchase, does it increase the workload of the staff?

Tourist Scenic Spot Ticket Self-service Ticketing

Therefore, select the self-service ticketing kiosk to realize self-service redemption of tourist attractions. Visitors can purchase tickets online, check the ticket at the self-service machine of the scenic spot, and then print the ticket for ticket inspection. The process is greatly simplified, reducing the cost of tourists and the scenic spot. That saves the workforce for checking tickets. Telpo TPS700 self-service kiosk has a 21-inch high-definition touch screen with clear fonts and agile touch screen, making it easy for older people to operate, too.

Tourist Scenic Spot Ticket Self-service Ticketing

Based on the Internet of Things, wireless technology, positioning and monitoring technology, it can realize the information transmission and real-time exchange. It also guaranteed the benefits of scenic spots preventing from the situation of passengers' missed tickets.


Smart tourist self-service ticketing kiosk is used to improve the efficiency of the scenic spot, reduce the tourist's travel process more smoothly, and enhance the comfort and satisfaction of the tour.

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Tourist Scenic Spot Ticket Self-service Ticketing

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